Defeat “BASIC BITCH” Syndrome With Made Eyewear’s Custom Sunnies & Specs

Because YOU are a way better designer of what you want than anyone else.
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June 24, 2013
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I've worn glasses since I was 4 years old. I was born with bad vision and a lazy eye. Oh, I was also born with legit fashion sense:

The lazy eye somehow "fixed" itself as I got older?! (I've never understood this either.) The poor vision was fixed via some pre-LASIK era eyeball surgery. In the mid 1990s, my pioneering, renegade eye doctor (the late, great Dr. Doyle Leslie) performed radial keratotomy on both of my eyes, resulting in a marked improvement in my vision and a big GOODBYE to my need for glasses.

Before corrective astigmatism surgery was done all cutting-edge like with lasers as it is today, it was called radial keratotomy (or RK) and was done with an actual, physical scalpel. No space age lasers for us 90s babes. RK was pioneered in Russia in the early 1970s after a near-sighted woman whose eyes were cut by glass reported improved vision as a result of the accident.

Dr. Leslie did my surgery much as they did in Russia -- in a room full of patients laid out on gurneys, magic marker indicating which eyes the doctor should slice. He hopped from bed to bed making a few cuts here, a few cuts there, et voila! An entire room full of people can now see perfectly. It was very much an assembly line at a butcher shop, designed to maximize profits.

A LOT has changed since then. My dude recently had LASIK surgery. It was done in a private office in a glass walled operating theater, and I watched from a sofa outside of it. Which is obviously QUITE a different experience than I had.

Sadly, tons of computer use (and the intervening 15-some-odd years since the operation was performed!) means my once-perfect vision has slipped a bit, and I'm now back to wearing glasses a large portion of the time, specifically when reading and writing. So I OF COURSE own an entire wardrobe of eyeglasses to accessorize whatever I happen to be wearing.

All of my glasses are lacking one thing: a little personality. None of them set me apart from the pack and mark me as the kook that I really am. They are all straight #BasicBitch styles!

I didn't get to have any say in any of the designs I'm wearing -- I'm just a consumer of someone else's ideas. But the launch of Made Eyewear, an online prescription (or non-prescription!) eyeglass/sunglass spot, has fixed that problem easy-peasy.

Those are NEON. ORANGE. Prescription specs. With lime green arms! That I designed myself. And they were only $89.00. Are you swooning? I'm swooning.

Here's how it works: Made Eyewear follows the model of affordable online prescription eyeglass spots such as Warby Parker and Bon Look, except with one HUGE difference. You get to design your own glasses.Made has 8 different frame shapes and 8 different colors ranging from crazy to classic that you can mix and match to personalize your glasses just the way YOU want them. Even if you want each arm a different color! Made sends you the resulting glasses in about a week, and they start at a mere $84.00.

The lime green, hot pink, turquoise and orange frames are the sickest look for summer I can imagine. I always think my dark glasses are sort of weighing down my summer style.

But the custom colorways are only half the story at Made. You can also have anything you want laser engraved on either the inside or outside of the arms. It could be your name, your significant other's name, a personal mantra, or anything at all you can think of. If you aren't feeling words, Made also offers all-over patterns such as skulls and animal prints, making every single pair of glasses they produce a unique work of art.

It's no secret that I have really good taste. So I am very much into custom, personalized, bespoke stuff. Purses, perfume, you name it, I want it all to bear my stamp. I suffer from "I'm pretty great, and the world should know it" syndrome. So I of course slapped my own initials on both sides of the specs I designed at Made. AVF for life, duh.

Made follows the Toms model, donating a pair of glasses for every pair purchased to those who lack vision correction around the world. Custom, prescription eyeglasses from Made start at $89.00, and RX sunnies will run you $114.00. Engraving is $5.00 per side. So why would you ever wear someone else's eyeglass design when yours is so much better?

I'm on Twitter: @IveyAlison.