David Beckham H&M Underwear Commercial -- NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK!!!

Forget Facebook - is there a way I can buy stock in this?
Publish date:
February 1, 2012

This 30 second spot is set to premier "officially" during the Super-Bowl but pah-lease - you've got it right here:

One small criticism (noted in some of your comments) - WHERE'S THE JUNK?!! Oh wait a second. It just dawned on me-- the commercial is being broadcast during the Super Bowl, which means the FCC must have pressured H+M to semi-censor it. Mmmmm... not to get all political, but that's not cool and it's such a double standard . Victoria's Secret doesn't have a problem showcasing supermodel T&A but when it comes to the male body - no bulge allowed. Whaa-Whaa.

Cheer up Charlie- there's a small consolation: check out my previous post showing the print ads which, let's just say there's a lot to look at. https://www.xojane.com/fashion/perhaps-hms-best-collabo-ever