Here's a Knockoff of my Favorite $500 Boots -- For Just 24 Bucks!

Yeah, you read right. $24.00!
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October 9, 2013
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I have gotten 6 dozen inane emails from publicists recently, all reminding me that "FALL IS COMING!" and surely I've started compiling my list of "must-haves" for the season, and wouldn't I like to include one of their client's sweaters/handbags/lingerie/boots in my upcoming roundup of fall fashions? I'm not exactly clear on how there can be "fall lingerie," (acorns? pumpkins?) but whatever, I guess.

The "It's fall, time to wear boots!" thing always makes me laugh -- because as if I save wearing my stellar collection of boots just for fall! I wear them year round, even in the summer.

My very favorite boots of all time are made by Old Gringo. I currently own 4 pairs of them, and have had my eye on these lovelies for ages:

Because boots + embroidered flowers = obvious win. Old Gringo boots are beautifully made, comfortable as hell (I stood in mine for over five hours earlier this year at the Alamo) and have just the right amount of country flair meets city mouse style to them. But those floral ones I'm pining for are $500.00! One day I shall have you, my pretties. But not today.

So I was pretty pleasantly surprised when I was strolling through Kohl's (of all places!) last week and came across a pair of boots for a measly $24.00 that instantly reminded me of the floral boots I'm lusting after.

I'm sure I'll be drummed out of the "fashionable persons club" for admitting this, but I've had to shop at Kohl's for work a lot recently, and ALWAYS manage to stroll out with some cute, reasonably priced item for myself. Their designer collabs (like the Princess Vera Wang and ELLE magazine ones) are particularly pleasing to me. I ruin my clothes at work all the time, so I don't need to be spending a ton of money on them. Like, do you think I managed to stay clean while covering this actor head to toe in fake 'movie mud' last week?

The Kohl's boots clearly don't hold a candle style -- or quality-wise to the Old Gringos, but they are cute and don't look as cheap as the price would imply. I always think fake suede looks far more believable than fake leather -- unless we are talking about Stella Mc Cartney's new Eco Faux Nappa Leather, which is made with 50% vegetable oil vs. the usual petroleum that makes up most fake leather goods.

Since I'm openly admitting to my sick, year-round boot collection, I'll go ahead and tell you that I also spent $870.00 on these Vivienne Westwood pirate boots that I've been lusting after since 2003. I finally took the plunge last year and bought them. I was so excited that I actually chased the UPS man down my street to claim the package.

They are insanely beautiful in person. The only problem? They hurt my feet SO BAD, I can barely wear them for longer than an hour without my feet being rubbed raw. Cue the saddest sad trombone you've ever heard. I've taken them to 3 different shoe repair peeps in search of a solution without any luck. (When I finally admit defeat and put them on eBay, you guys will be the first to know.)

In the meantime, I'm consoling myself with this $69.00 pair of boots from Urban Outfitters that has clearly taken their design cues from my beloved Vivienne Westwood boots.

Just because you can't afford the real thing right now (or plain don't want to spend the cheddar) doesn't mean you can't still have great style, duh!

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