Sometimes, a fashion pick-me-up can cost just $4.00, but bring an entire bucket of joy to your wardrobe.
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October 14, 2013
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I have a very serious life problem. I love wearing ankle boots, but constantly stress over what socks to wear with them. Because your socks always show! My default look is to just wear plain black, in the hopes that they sort of “go away” and your eye forgives the whole thing. But it's still a real "dorky dad in black socks" look.

However, today I stumbled upon this $3.80 pair of shortie ankle socks WITH CAT EARS ON THEM at Forever 21! Now I could care less that my socks are showing, because nothing --and I mean nothing -- could be cuter than a pair of ankle boots with pointy cat ears peeking out from the top.

In case you were wondering, I ordered 12 pairs. I can’t ever keep my socks matched to save my life, so I plan on keeping a bin of these right next to my rack of boots. (When all your socks are the same, matching is easy!)

Bare legs+ankle boots is one of the best things about the transition from summer to fall -- and legit tights-wearing weather is still about a month away for me in California. These adorable socks make dressing for slightly cooler temperatures about 400% more fun -- for less than $4.00.

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