$14.00 Fashion Blast: Cashmere Band-Aids, Because You're Worth It

And you thought you knew luxury. Ha!
Publish date:
November 11, 2013
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You guys, this headline is a trick. These cashmere Band-Aids aren't for boo-boos on your body, they are for boo-boos on your sweaters and jackets -- cashmere or otherwise! And they are quite brilliant.

If your favorite sweaters have been snacked on by moths, don't despair! These clever creations from LA based company Stella Neptune are 'upcycled' patches meant to repair holes in sweaters -- and are made from vintage cashmere sweaters and then screen printed with their very own artwork and designs. They are backed with iron-on adhesive, making them super easy to apply -- no sewing required.

If you prefer a little less novelty in your sweater repair, scoop up a set or two of Stella Neptune's cashmere 'elbow patches', meant to repair to well-loved sweaters that your knobby elbows have poked holes in. But you could really use them anywhere you want to patch a hole or just add a bit of interest.

The elbow patches also come in tweed, meant for jazzing up boring blazers and sweaters with a little professorial style. (You could even cut them into any shape you like -- hearts, stars, moons, etc.)

The Stella Neptune line includes a small range of limited-sized vintage cashmere sweaters screenprinted with quirky stuff like woodland creatures, cowboys and dogs with attitude.

Everything is made right here in LA using recycled vintage materials -- resulting in a completely eco-friendly product!

I'd also like to take this opportunity to point out that Stella Neptune, who appears to know all there is to know about sweaters, recommends the very same de-pilling device as I do -- the $3.05 'd-fuzz-it' by Dritz.

My Stella Neptune discovery has made the early onset of darkness and winter somewhat more bearable -- as I've started looking for cheap, slightly beefed cashmere sweaters in thrift stores, knowing I can repair and add personality to them in seconds.

Treat yourself to a little cashmere, why don't ya?

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