Calling All Chameleons: Does Your Style Change With The Seasons?

I like having a wardrobe that allows me to take on different characters.
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October 18, 2013
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Hannah's an editor at our beautiful-little-sister site, xoVain.

My style isn't exactly consistent, but it is consistently "me." While I may want to dress like a Palm Springs housewife/"Megan Draper on vacation" in the Summer, once the cold weather comes nipping at my ankles, I turn. It's a bit of a strange mix, my Fall style.

Throw in a bit of 1970s witch, a dash of 1940s femme fatale, and a bit of modern day minimalist goth, along with a brooding flapper and some 1960s Carnaby Street paisley prints and patent leather accents and you roughly have my cool-weather "look."

My brain is obviously a bit of a mess when it comes to visual inspiration, but it does all make sense. I even have Pinterest boards to sort everything out. Here's Spring and Summer and for Fall and Winter, we've got this lovely thing. Yes, my Fall style is inspired by everything from a bouquet of blood red flowers, to a collection of stones, to a photo of a young, fresh-faced Isabella Rossellini.

I mean, this is obviously a contrast to the daydreams I had floating in my head during the sticky, humid Summer, but it has me pondering if other people do the same thing. And does it have anything to do with the dramatic change between seasons here in Canada that provokes my multi-faceted wardrobe? I wonder if those of you who live in climates where the weather hardly changes do the same thing, or if you tend to wear the same pieces January through December?

One thing I'm really feeling for Fall right now is black (groundbreaking, I know). More black than usual. Black blouses, black sweaters, black skirts (preferably in maxi lengths for maximum "witch" effect), black tights, black dresses ... I'm finding myself drawn to super-simple pieces that I can throw on while half asleep and still manage to look polished, and then I'm adding character with accessories like my growing collection of rings and long drapey necklaces.

Obviously my beauty approach changes in the Fall too. Dark lips, sooty, burned out eyes, and heavier perfumes (like Tom Ford's Black Orchid).

What about you? How would you describe your Fall style, and does it differ much from how you were dressing in July? Also, what pieces do you absolutely need for the coming months? I want a black moto vest and a vintage shaggy black fur coat, but I feel like the latter is nothing more than a pipe dream. Ah well.

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