Accessorizing For Cheapskates! I'm All About Shoe Clips Now

Did you ever think that maybe your shoes want to feel pretty, too?
Publish date:
November 19, 2013
jewelry, accessories, shoes, shoe clips, clip-on earrings

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Guys, I'm really obsessed with shoe clips right now.

Or, more specifically, thrifted pairs of clip-on earrings that make perfect shoe clips. If you don't know what a shoe clip is, it's essentially a clip-on earring for your shoe (a-duh). They were extremely popular in the 1950s and '60s when budget-minded ladies would spend their money on a few basic, goes-with-anything shoes and then accessorize them with sassy little clips to match their various outfits.

I mean, it's kind of genius. Spend your money on a gorgeous pair of black pumps and then get major mileage out of them by giving them their own jewelry. BECAUSE SHOES DESERVE JEWELRY, TOO. Why should ears, necks, wrists and fingers have all the fun? Did you ever think that maybe your shoe wanted to feel pretty too? Yeah, I bet you feel like a total jerk now.

So -- shoe clips. You can still buy them in 2013 from ShoeMint (or you could, they're sold out now), or sometimes even stores like H&M have them. Vintage sets pop up on Etsy all the time. But who wants to go through all that trouble?

Personally, I get all of mine at thrift stores. I just buy big ol' clip-on earrings. I have so many pairs and since they're usually only around $3, it's not like I'm feeling bad about it. I've got intricate-looking gold ones, pretty enameled flowers, graphic mod square shapes.

I clip them to the vamp (that's the part of the shoe that's just before your toes) of my most versatile shoes (black patent smoking slippers, black suede block heels) to match my outfit and immediately look like some rich person who happens to have a wardrobe full of shoes fit for any occasion. Ah, I'm fooling everyone. It's hard not to cackle aloud constantly.

Now, if your thrift store's bountiful earring options aren't enough for you, there's always the DIY route for more adventurous types. Pick up clip-on earring findings from a craft store and some trim of your own liking. Could be ribbon, feathers, elaborately braided strands of beads, whatever. Hot glue them to the clip-on setting, let it dry, and then snap on to your shoes. Oh, you're so fancy. Maybe you should sell them? Thank me later.

What cheap fixes make you look like a fancy person? Have I swayed you to the shoe clip side or do you think I'm a weirdo?