Black Is STILL "The New Black": The Best Buys In The Chicest Shade

My top noir picks for decor, fashion and everything in between.
Publish date:
October 28, 2013
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I love black. It goes with everything, it always looks stylish, and really, my inner moody goth kid feels an innate connection with the shade. Like I mentioned in my changing seasons post, the cooler weather has me leaning toward wardrobe items on the darker spectrum, but there are plenty of other options in the world of decor, beauty, and everything in between that are decked out in noiiiiiir (draw it out and don't pronounce the 'r', natch).

If you're still not convinced, perhaps this Yohji Yamamoto quote will bring you to the dark side.

If you're on the same page as me here, I present a shopping guide to satiate your need for all things black. To kick things off, I have a bit of "inspiration" imagery, as I love a good mood board/collage.

So let's start with black for the home. Obviously I'm not suggesting you paint your walls black and install black carpet (but I mean, if that's your thing, you do you!) but hits of black here and there will fit in with pretty much any decor. Even all-out pastel granny stuff. Just throw in a black skull, you know you want to.

I'm all about candles, I have tons of them, so naturally the super-chic and pricey Diptyque gets a shout-out on my list (and me hoping they have another sample sale this winter), but those cheapie IKEA candles are pretty cute though too with their geometric pattern, no?

And naturally I love spooky black artwork, like the affordable decorative skull or that art print by illustrator Yelena Bryksenkova. I like that those mysterious princesses appear to be wearing Alexander McQueen armadillo heels.

Seriously considering picking up those glasses on my next IKEA trip, since I keep breaking mine. Sigh...

Now let's move along to fashion-y finds! No one can deny the power of a great pair of black, fleece-lined tights in the winter, but I figured I would cover pieces that were slightly more unique.

You know how people say every woman needs the perfect little black dress? I think I need every perfect little black dress. I want all of them. Right now I'm particularly drawn to this Zara one that does the sheer cut-out trend tastefully thanks to a knee-length hem and 3/4-length sleeves. Pretty! And that wool coat? It looks exactly like the winter coat I bought from Vero Moda last year, the very winter coat I started wearing this week due to the deep dip in temperatures. I ain't mad though, my coat is cute!

Now let's talk accessories. I've been wanting to invest in a classic black bag for a while now, and the styles included in Coach's Classics collection all fit the bill. I can really only afford vintage ones bought off Etsy right now, but hey, the holidays are coming and there's a Coach outlet nearby!

I also think everyone should have a good pair of black loafers. They're comfortable and toe the line between masculine and feminine, a line that I always like to toe. Bass are kind of known for making loafers -- they've been doing it for years -- and their Weejuns are bestsellers for a reason.

The earrings I included because I love moons -- and the Etsy seller makes all sorts of cute accessories like fun little collar clips perfect for baby goths. And that eye mask? Well, everyone can use a good eye mask, especially if you're a vampire like me. And those cat ears were just too cute to ignore.

One last thing!

Everyone looks cool scribbling their thoughts in a little black book, and the Keel's Simple Diary is the best one. Each day, the Keel's Diary asks you short, thought-provoking questions about your day. You can write as little as you want or perhaps the questions will stir something up and send you on a wild adventure of creativity. I think it's great for anyone suffering from writer's block, or simply anyone who has trouble keeping a journal. Check out the site for sample pages to give you an idea of how it works.

So, see anything you like? Tell me about your favourite black possessions, or maybe just talk about Johnny Cash. I'm open.