Pins, Prints, & Patches: Your Girl Gang Gift Guide

If you've been looking for a bunch of adorable, sassy pins, patches, and prints, which I know you have because I see what you've all been wearing lately, then look no further.
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November 25, 2015
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Quick review: Men are the fucking worst.

So are the holidays, now that I think about it. Gift guides are pretty bad, too...

But you know what are great all year round? Girls.

One of the only things that gets me through the boring, stressful obligation of picking out gifts for the people you have to buy for, is putting together fun gifts for the people I actually like hanging out with. Also, buying for yourself. Duh. Today I went shopping for a gift for my dad and came home with two new pairs of shoes for me. Happy holidays.

I decided to compile a list of all the cute shit I've been drooling over for a Girl Gang Gift Guide, just for you. All of this awesome stuff has been created by amazing artists, designers, and illustrators, all of whom are ladies! So let's support women, small businesses, and artists all at once.

If you've been looking for a bunch of adorable, sassy pins, patches, and prints, which I know you have because I see what you've all been wearing lately, then look no further.

Let's start with Sara M. Lyons, my favorite.

Sara is an artist, illustrator, and nail decal designer (!!!!!) from Anaheim, California, and her stuff is so cute it makes me want to die. I really can't get enough of her cutesy, witchy designs.

Take, for instance, her FAKE EYELASHES Enamel Pin!!! ($7)

The Witch Hat Enamel Pin, $7.


And her CREEPY CUTE Nail Decals, $8, which, speaking from experience, are amazing.

And wait, last but not least, the cutest thing I have ever seen but is sold out right now, the HAPPY GHOST enamel piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin, $7.


(It sounds like her entire shop is going to be restocked this [Black] Friday but I'm not sure when this article is going to run so head over to her shop and show her some luv.)

Next up, we have Robin Eisenberg, a Los Angeles-based artist and designer who serves up punky, brightly colored pins to add major attitude to anything you choose.

Like this Goth Mermaid Pin! $10.

OR ANOTHER GHOST PIN, complete with pink wig and heart sunnies, $10.

The Feeling Myself Pin, for the girl who loves herself and/or Nicki Minaj, $10.

OR this Live Long And Prosper Pin which I am not including for the Star Trek (Wars? I never know the difference) reference, but for the nails. MARIANNE, do you love?!

If you're looking to show your family how you feel about the holidays, send them this card!

This heartwarming note is from Little Arrow, an Oregon-based design studio founded by Brianna Bulski. They do everything from pins, patches, prints and stationary. I don't own any stationary because, like, I text, but their stuff is so cute that it makes me want to buy it all.

LOOK AT THIS CARD. My heart is melting.

Or this Girl Gang Patch! Each patch is $8, with discounts available for bulk orders if you're ordering for your actual girl gang, which I hope you are.

Or, what is my favorite piece of this whole roundup, the Whiskey Kisses Print!

I love this print so much that it inspired this whole article. I swear to god. I just needed to show you guys.

Little Arrow does pins, too. I'm including this one for the name alone, they "Glow Pissed Alien Girl Lapel Pin." omg.

If you and your girls, like me, are constantly experiencing a barrage of "feelings," then this Mixed Emotions Club cropped sweatshirt from Tuesday Bassen, $55, is perfect for you.

Tuesday is another Los Angeles-based illustrator making killer clothing and accessories, like this GIRLS tee, $35, which I adore.

It also comes as a cute lil pin, $10. IT'S ROSE GOLD like your iPhone.

This Winking Girl pin, $10, goes right along with our theme of the cutest shit ever.

And this Heart Lolli pin? Come on.

If your girl is more of a sticker gal, this Hail Satin (LOOOL sorry Jane) sticker will be perfect for her laptop, her skateboard, or her phone case.

I feel like we all get to a point in our adult lives where we stop and think to ourselves, "Man, what I really need is an enamel pin of a pug wearing pink heart-shaped sunglasses."

Caitlin Stout will sell you one 10 ten measly dollars.

This glittery slingback peep toe high heel is the perfect addition to your rapidly growing pin collection.

Caitlin also has some really insane, beautiful prints to choose from as well, if your walls are feeling a little bare.

Sooo it looks like I'm in the market for a jacket that I can affix all of these pins to, you know? I need them all. What are you getting for your friends this holiday? What's on your list? The only thing I'm wishing for is Rihanna's new album to finally come out.

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