BABE BREAK: BCBG PR Manager, Gabby

Usually Babe Break is an xoJane Tumblr thing (and I always vote for Victor Cruz) but today I'm making an exception.
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February 8, 2012
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Today, Eric and I stopped by


's New York City office for a behind the scenes look at what's in store for Fall 2012. Amid the madness, instead of paying attention to the clothes, I was totally style creeping on


PR manager Gabby Sabharwal's awesome accessories.

Dressed in a pleated black skirt and cropped white tee, Gabby had rings on nearly every finger, accessories on each wrist, and a tangle of different necklaces.

When I asked her to tell me the story behind each item, I didn't press record the first time because I'm terrible with videos so I had to ask


. Eric was so mortified. Luckily she didn't mind explaining twice.

Gorgeous right? Like tattoos, each piece of jewelry has its own story and significance. Most of Gabby's accessories are gifts, which makes them even more special.

I've got a fistful of rings on today and they're each really important to me as well, but I'm not wearing anything else jewelry-wise. If you're wondering why my button-down is buttoned up, it's for

Eazy E

, okay? Anyway, back to rings.

I wear my rings every day even though It's freezing outside and I can't fit them under gloves. They're a part of me, and I feel undressed without them. That's a style cliche, but it's true.

Do you feel really connected to your jewelry too, or do you prefer trendy, disposable stuff? Tell me what accessories you wear everyday and why they matter to you. And send pictures. I'll make a gallery!

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