AUSTRALIAN FOR COOL: Hemingway and Pickett

Shopping for a living is a pretty sweet setup -- I get to go to cool boutiques every day under the guise of "research" and see what’s new.
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June 25, 2012
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I haven’t been writing much lately, as I am knee deep in the middle of designing costumes for a TV show that is steadily crushing the life out of me. We are working 13-hour days minimum. I come home from work, shove some food in my face, and pass out while still wearing my clothes.

I don’t even have the time to properly blow-dry my hair, ever, and it’s a bummer, because I LOVE to blow-dry my hair. It actually doesn’t make any difference in how it looks, as my hair is naturally stick straight, but I still look forward to it every morning. I have been reduced to leaving my house in a frantic rush with soaking wet hair and sticking my head out of the window of my truck like a dog while I drive to work in an attempt to dry it.

I could stick my finger in a light socket, and stick straight would still be my hair’s default setting.

To be perfectly honest, my job is not all bad -- I mean, I GO SHOPPING for a living. It’s a pretty sweet setup. I get to go to cool boutiques every day under the guise of "research" and see what’s new.

One of my favorite spots in LA is rapidly becoming Hemingway and Pickett, a great boutique in Silver Lake that focuses on fashion and home accessories from owner Toby Burke Hemingway’s native Australia in addition to lots of small/local designers. There are a million snotty boutiques in LA that aren't doing anything special. Hemingway and Pickett is truly different.

The store itself is beautiful. The walls, floors and archways have all been made using reclaimed wood.

Hemingway and Pickett, inside of boutique.

Hemingway’s great-grandfather owned both a barber shop and a distribution network for local stores in Melbourne, Australia in the late 1800s. I love the idea of a “family business” re-imagined by a new generation.

Leo Hemingway & Sons.

There are some great home accessories at Hemingway and Picket, but of course my eye can only ever see the fashion accessories, because I am a shallow, vapid kid who is easily impressed by bright shiny things to adorn myself with.

House of Baulch is a stellar jewelry line by Australian designer Kathryn Baulch that I love. I’ve bought quite a few pieces of her jewelry from Hemingway and Pickett, and I am about to scoop up some more of it: 

House of Baulch "Cable Bling Bracelet", $79.00, Hemingway and

This groovy green chain link bracelet is made of anodized aluminium, so in addition to being lightweight, the color won't wear off. I love chunky chain link jewelry. Stuff with chains on it is slowly replacing all the trite studded stuff I have in my closet.

I love the Sid Vicious-ness of wearing a cable chain, and the fact that you could just walk into a hardware store, have them cut you a length of chain, and wear it around your neck. But I aspire to be a Tinsley Mortimer version of Sid Vicious, so I'm sticking with designer chain jewelry.


Tassel jewelry has been popular since the Victorian era, but it is sometimes overwrought and overwhelming. This House of Baulch necklace is a great example of the humble tassel’s simplistic beauty.

House of Baulch silk & brass Tassel necklace, 25.00, Hemingway and

I love jewelry that has movement to it, and these delicate tassels slink around and move with whatever garment you have on. They are so light, I forget I am wearing them.

Hemingway and Pickett also has some great bags to carry your junk around in. Anytime anyone starts talking to me about something I dislike, I yawn like crazy and mutter “BORRRINGGGG” under my breath like the world's rudest bitch. So of course someone ended up buying me this tote bag by LA artist Ashkahn:

Ashkahn red cotton "BORING" tote, $30.00, Hemingway and

It's totes hilarious. GET IT??I started saying "totes" at work just because it is so obnoxious and angers everyone. Now I can't stop, and people are threatening to stop being my friend because of it. WHATEVS.

Hemingway and Pickett also carries Herschel bags, which have started me on carrying a backpack again. Backpacks are so reverse cool. Plus I feel way less like my shoulder is going to break when I have to lug around my laptop and a bunch of fashion reference books.

Herschel bags, $39.00-$64.00.

Herschel bags are actually made in Herschel, a tiny hamlet in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan. The total population in 2006 was 30 people!

One awesome thing that is available in the actual Hemingway and Pickett store that isn't available on their website is this T-shirt:

From the "Sith Happens" series, by LA artist David Harlan.

The screenprinted posters of this piece are for sale on their site, but the T-shirts are not. They are all screenprinted on super soft heather grey athletic tees. I bought mine for $35.00. Hit them up at and make them sell you one!

If you are anything like me, you own 500 necklaces but only really wear 5 of them in real life. My good jewelry is always getting horribly tangled up in my jewelry box, so I am seriously considering buying this adorable rack to hang them on.

Animal Jewelry Rack by Steph Mantis, $65.00. Available at

What?? It's got toy animals for hooks! It's made from salvaged black walnut from a Brooklyn cabinet shop! I was just about to type that it is kind of a truly a pointless item, but then I was reminded of the 30 minutes I wasted recently trying to untangle a pile of delicate gold necklaces that I had crammed in my jewelry chest.

Hemingway and Pickett has just turned a year old, so hopefully their website will grow as their store does. If you are in LA, drop in and say hello. They are a great soure for unique, original, handmade gifts. I love supporting the people in my neighborhood that make it special.

Have an awesome week.



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