I'd Start A Savings Account For This: Aquazzura Sandal

And, of course, the fancy vacation on which I would wear it constantly.
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December 12, 2013
I'd Start A Savings Account For This, Aquazzura, vacation

It's that weird time of year in fashion where resort collections are hitting fancy department stores and yet it's 20 degrees today in New York and there weren't enough layers in the world to keep me warm as I walked from a doctor's appointment to the office this morning.

When you work in fashion you're in constant state of seasonal confusion: Resort is hitting stores, pre-fall is showing right now, fall is being designed and we'll be seeing runway collections in February and March when we will desperately want to wear all the chic warm clothes but won't be able to for months.

Back when I worked in print it was even worse. Gift Guides in July anyone?

I mean, I get it. But that doesn't mean it isn't frustrating when you can't buy a coat in February because they've cleared them out to make room for spring merch.

But I digress. Because really I just want to talk about these amazing navy Aquazzura sandals I came across while trying to finish online Christmas shopping for my family. I'm VERY easily distracted by pretty things I really just want for myself which is why I still have nothing for 60% of the people on my list 13 days before Christmas.

Aquazzura has very much been THE shoe line that fashion folk have been raving about for the last few seasons -- the line is only a couple years old. There's a simple sophistication to all of the shoes that I just love. They don't ever feel over designed. I have also never owned a navy sandal and I want this one quite desperately. It looks so comfortable and would go with pretty much every maxi dress I own.

Problem is I have nowhere to wear it at the moment. My Christmas vacation is going to spent with family in Indianapolis, a very bad place to wear a suede sandal in December. I mean, yay for family and everything -- though I do tend to turn into a version of my constantly annoyed with every word my parents speak teenage self the moment I walk into their home -- but I do wish I was one of those people who was jetting off to St. Barths or some such. Hence requiring the aforementioned sandal.

Now I'm afraid it will be gone before I have the funds for it because of that whole restocking situation I talked about above. But I'm going to be good -- for now -- and spend my money on others and not selfish little me.

I am HOWEVER going to fantasize about where I would be vacationing the day after Christmas if I was the rich, fancy lady that I know lives inside of me. I don't really know that I'd want to handle the total scene that is St. Barths. Maybe I'd go back to St. Lucia -- at least I know my hair looks really good there. Or Costa Rica? Perhaps my dream location to end all dream locations, the Maldives?

Are you obsessing over something you want to buy for yourself right now but, alas, holidays? What's your fantasy winter vacation? Should I buy these shoes?