The Lucky WINNERS of the Banana Republic Sweater Giveaway: Were You One of Them?

These 10 charmed ladies are on their way to cozy, cable-knitted bliss!
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November 8, 2011
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OK, let's do this. I have the names of the 10 official winners of our Banana Republic giveaway. Let's recap, shall we? You first saw this purrrrr-inducing, short-sleeved gem of a sweater when you helped Jane choose a TV outfit. Due to the outpouring of love that was showered upon it , my buddies at Banana Republic generously offered me 10 of the little darlings, to give to YOU -- my stylish, competitive "Belles du Jours."

We received just about 300 comments, each one describing with love (and a little sweater-lust) just where you would go in this charismatic knit (worth $60). As it turns out, most of you would wear it to werk -- just kidding -- work (and we were floored to see just how many librarians were vying for this sweater!). In order to remain completely neutral and unbiased, I had Helene and Madeline actually print out ALL 300 of the comments, cut them up, and select 10 winners at random (just like this sweater -- back to basics). I know, I can be demanding, but hey, as the Legend of Billie Jean would have it, Fair is Fair!

Check out the rest of the video on our Tumblr (you know you want to!)

And now for the winners:

Congratulations to the special 10. If you weren't one of them don't you worry; I promise more fashion giveaways in the near future. AND you can still purchase this sweater on the Banana Republic site. If you won, please email