TRENDY TREND: 60s-Inspired Long Sleeve Dresses (Modeled By Staffers)

Check out these fecking awesome, extra hot, take-you-everywhere, fall/winter/forever dresses. Twiggy would approve.
Publish date:
October 31, 2011

I’ve been trying to get the xoJane girls to go 60s—one of my favorite trends for fall—for ages, so when I noticed a few A-line shift dresses in the fashion closet, I couldn’t resist styling - and photographing - a "Rosemary's Baby" era shoot.

One of the most wearable trends of the season, 60s looks are playful yet balanced and universally flattering. Each of the girls has a different body type, but the long-sleeved dresses looked great on all of them.

Just remember to go with one 60s inspired piece at a time or you’ll end up looking like an extra on Pan Am. That means skip the go-go boots! The girls kept their dresses current by going minimal on makeup—just a slick of liquid liner—and pulling back their hair into chic low buns.

So, cue up Lulu's "To Sir With Love" and have a look at my favorite long-sleeve mini dresses which are available right now.