6 Scandinavian Fashion Brands You Should Be Obsessed with Right Now

From universal healthcare to IKEA, to Alexander Skarsgard, there is not a shortage of Scandinavian things I’m obsessed with.
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March 2, 2016
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Scandinavian things are mostly awesome. From universal healthcare to IKEA to Alexander Skarsgard (aka the true love of my life other than IKEA meatballs), there is not a shortage of Scandinavian things I’m obsessed with. And now, as of recently, that list includes clothing.

I was first introduced to Nordic brands by a few photographer friends who all manage to always exude an effortless sense of style. There are many facets of current Scandinavian clothing trends, but the looks are often defined by neutral tones, straight and clean silhouettes, relaxed styling, and a focus on well-constructed basics that are fashionable as well as functional.

1. Cheap Monday

This Swedish clothing brand has become one of the most talked about Scandinavian imports since IKEA (again, love you IKEA, your meatballs are my everything).

My favorites:

Carrying everything from clothing to jewelry to accessories, Cheap Monday---though not exactly cheap—combines the clean lines and neutral tones associated with Nordic sensibilities with the more “punk rock” looks of Swedish youth streetwear. They ship internationally, but you can also grab select pieces at Urban Outfitters, Revolve Clothing and Amazon. Prices for clothing pieces run around $50-$100. I’m dying over this adorable and weird Unicorn Mini Ring.

2. Wood Wood

Wood Wood is a hipper-than-hip Danish streetwear brand that I was introduced to by my cool Brooklyn photographer friend who can pull off their clothing much better than I can. Their hats and clothing branded with their unique double “W” logo make them distinctive and visible, but they also carry classic basics in muted colors that impart a casual Scandinavian cool.

My Favorites:

They are on the pricier side (most pieces are above $100), but the quality of the products is very high. They ship worldwide, and like all good things, you can find them on ASOS. I’m loving this Rosa Dress in Off-White (see below) because it’s basic but also off-kilter. The zippered neck is everything.

3. Rains

This may be my favorite brand on this list because how hard is it to find rain jackets that look good but are also actually functional AM I RIGHT? (This may be a sore subject for me…) This Danish outwear brand creates gorgeous, sleek and highly function raincoats in a palette of spring and fall colors that is positively delightful. I love them so much.

My favorites:

The coats run from about $100-$150, but for a great raincoat, I’m down to pay that price. Additionally, they have awesome waterproof bags like their Black Mesh Bag, for prices of $35-$75. You can get these beautiful wonders at ASOS and Urban Outfitters, and they ship internationally because we are all blessed.

4. Han Kjøbenhavn

This Danish brand is virtually unpronounceable but still very cool, and if you’re the kind of person who can buy expensive sunglasses and not break them (I need to work on this), this is an notable brand to check out. The sunglasses they carry are a welcome departure from the standard Ray Bans that everyone and their mother owns, and at the same price point, if you want high quality, edgy, and futuristic shades, Han Kjøbenhavn is the brand for you.

Just look at the Stable Black Sunglasses, you can’t tell me these aren’t hyperbolically the coolest things you’d ever put on your face. They run around $150 dollars, they ship internationally, and they have a store in NYC in Soho.

5. & Other Stories

This Swedish brand is an H&M subsidiary that you might recognize because I’ve been seeing them EVERYWHERE in the last year. Their stuff is higher end than H&M, but still reflects the overall sensibility of accessible fashion, clean lines, and interesting Nordic silhouettes. Also, like Cheap Monday, they have everything from shoes to belts to maxi dresses, and their site has a lot of variety.

My Favorites:

They ship in the US, and their prices range from $30-$150 for pieces. Isn’t this just the best Belted Trench Coat you’ve ever seen in your whole life? I want to buy multiples in every color so I can NEVER STOP WEARING IT.

6. Carin Wester

Carin Wester is a Swedish designer whose line is a little more whimsical than the other Nordic imports mentioned above, but that makes her personally one of my favorites. She’s down with a muted and light color palette, but she also adds geometric and light shapes to make it work for many different types of people. You can buy at Weekday and Urban Outfitters, and they ship internationally.

My Favorites: