This Sandal May Actually Make Me Give Up Heels for a Week

Because my feet hate me.
Publish date:
July 29, 2016
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I'm usually not one for the whole "this is a trend because these five bloggers are wearing it" deal, but I sort of changed my mind recently when I encountered what could be the perfect comfortable-meets-cute sandal.

Every time I click one of those damn e-commerce links on a blogger's Instagram, though, it's all "Hi, Balmain" and I'm all "Hi, my checking account doesn't have that many zeros on the end."

Isola gets that, though, and is making some fashion-y options that you don't have to skip paying your rent to buy. THANKS. They also have as many great flat options as they do heels, which also deserves a THANKS because damnit, my feet hurt.

Here's how a few bloggers styled the Milo (a trendy style I had my eye on with scalloped edges, cool grommets, and metallic accents) — a.k.a. here are a few outfits I will be trying to rip off in my own broke-ass fashionista way:

As a self-admitted shoe fiend, I always prefer to suffer the bruises, blisters, and battle wounds associated with a too-small heel just because they look good. Seriously, I give no fucks. But at this point in the summer, when sweat and straps mix with bloody bruises (sorry for that visual) in a hot, sticky, bloody mess (and that visual), I'm ready to follow these bloggers' lead and put my heels in the back of the closet, be done with the struggle, and put on a pair of flats.

Now onto the part when I found my perfect pair.

Full disclosure: I was on a press trip recently with Dan where Børn, a shoe company (and sister company to Isola), decided to prove to a bunch of editors just how pillowy-soft their soles really are — by making us wear a pair all day.

What started as a strawberry-picking field trip (yes, I know, but seriously it was the cutest therapeutic experience) was followed by a brewery/winery/distillery excursion (shout-out to Cisco in Nantucket — hands down the best place to drink beer and play cornhole on the island), was followed by a clambake dinner, was followed by a late night of raging at a place called Chicken Box — yes, that is literally the name of the bar. We're talking a 10 a.m. to 12 a.m. type of day, and my feet DID NOT HURT ONCE. This made me realize I really do need to put the crippling stilettos aside and only do flats from now on.

The pair I rocked for this 'Tucket day of bliss is the Lo:

[Dan's note: I wore a guy version of Børn without socks, which would normally tear up my ankles and toes, and I too can vouch that they were really comfortable.]

It's about 115 degrees in NYC today as I write this, so I might have to end this post to go get one of those slushies Mara Ferreira was holding. In the meantime, I'll also see how long I can hold out before returning to my 6-plus-inchers. At least now I know a couple more labels that believe in good looks and fewer Band-Aids. Amen to that.