It's Finally 2016! Here Are All My Style Resolutions For The Year

I kicked off the new year in a bathing suit and tights and I couldn't be happier about it.
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January 3, 2016
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Hey guys - happy new year! Are you pumped about this fresh start? I definitely am. 2016 seems to have some good energy going for it.

I start every year writing a list of all the things I hope to accomplish over the next 12 months, and this year's list feels very special. My resolutions and goals span from huge life changes, travel plans, and food I want to eat to taking care of my brain and body (gonna finally see the dentist this year!) Every year, one of my biggest "to accomplish" categories is personal style.

In 2016, I'm ready to take more risks with how I dress, letting my clothes be an extension of myself, and only wearing what makes me feel comfortable and confident.

It all started off with my New Year's Eve outfit, which consisted of a bathing suit and two pairs of tights. I know you're probably thinking, Really? Hell no! which is totally fine! We all have different comfort zones and tastes, but I felt like myself in this outfit — it was comfy and fun and surprisingly warm, at least where NYE outfits are concerned.

In 2016, I'll probably be giving this getup an outfit repeat, and I've got a few more style resolutions to make sure this year is one of my most stylish ones yet:

1) Stop Wearing Clothes I Feel So-So About

I don't know why I let these items linger in my closet. Garments that don't excite me, that aren't very well-made, or just generally don't feel like "me". Laundry day draws close and I find myself pulling out clothes I haven't worn in months, dressing up in items that make me feel very "meh." This year I vow to rid my closet of anything that doesn't bring me joy (shout out to Marie Kondo), leaving me left only with stuff I actually love wearing. That will definitely make getting dressed in the morning less of a sigh-inducing task.

2) Step Up My Coat Game

Toronto has approximately three kinds of weather:1. Pretty nice (this happens maybe 2 weeks of the year)2. Too damn hot3. So damn cold

Number 3 is where we're headed now that it's January, but I refuse to let it kill my style vibe. While most people here in the city wear Canada Goose parkas or other lookalike toppers (which are very, very warm but not my bag), I don't want the cold to turn me into a commuter clone. I've vowed to always look stylish even when I'm freezing my ass of, with the help of some toasty accessories (my massive nubbly wool scarf is a life saver) and some baller coats. My two newest additions, both '70s vintage, work for whatever winter wants to throw at me. And knowing Toronto's icy inclinations, I'll probably be wearing the massive fur (pictured up top) the most.

3) Channel Iris Apfel In The Accessory Department

A few weeks ago, I climbed out from under my rock and finally watched Albert Maysles' 2014 documentary Iris, about Iris Apfel, the nonagenarian interior decorator and style icon known for her bold fashion choices and vibrant personality.

Iris charms her way through the movie with her frank way of speaking and her amazing approach to getting dressed. One thing that particular captured my attention was the amazing way she accessorizes — layers and layers of necklaces and bracelets, mixed and matched with wild abandon, and amazing glasses that are pushing me to take a break from wearing contacts for awhile. Her jewelry collection, a blend of high-end and cheapie pieces collected from decades of world travel, is to die for. I plan on honoring Iris and stacking bangles and cuffs up my arm on many occasions this year — I'm sure she would approve.

4) Remind Myself That It's OK To Show Off My Body

My body is by no means that of a Victoria's Secret model, but that doesn't mean I have hate it or want to hide it away. While I doubt I'll ever reach total body confidence (I'm a woman in her 20s with internet access, so), I know that if I avoid wearing certain pieces that I love — like deep v necklines or hot pants — just because I'm feeling crummy about my always-changing figure, I'll be more miserable than if I just said "screw it" and wore them out anyway. Because whenever I do push those nagging insecurities out and decide to wear the figure-featuring pieces, I end up having a lot more fun! And in case of an emergency, double-sided tape will always be there to help.

  • So, do you have any style resolutions for the year?
  • Show me your winter coats, please!