YOU ARE THE ADVICE COLUMNIST: My 30-Year-Old Sister Acts Like She's 16

How do I tell my sister to act her age?
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April 29, 2014
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I think something is emotionally wrong with my sister. She is in her mid-thirties but acts like she's in high school when it comes to guys and relationships. She's my older sister, too. I feel like she is so naive and plays weird games with guys to try and get their attention. She goes after married guys or guys or obviously are not interested in her -- or she drags guys along that she has no intention of staying with. My parents are putting a lot of pressure on her to get married so I understand she feels stressed but how do I tell her that she's acting like a 16 year old?

Do you have any advice that a younger sister could give her older sister? Let her know in the comments.

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