Sorry, You're NOT A "Single Mom" Just Because Your Husband Works

Nothing makes single moms angrier than non-single moms claiming our title.
Publish date:
December 10, 2014

I recently read a Facebook status of one of my married friends: Ugh, my husband has been working so many hours I’ve practically been a single mom for the last three days. As a single mom, I was annoyed at the sentiment but brushed it off and kept reading my newsfeed until I got to another one: Hubby is out of town for five days starting tomorrow. It’s so hard being a single mom when he's gone. Cue my side-eye, especially when I remembered that the day before the same woman wrote: Three-day business trip for my husband; finally had to drop the kids off at a drop-in daycare so that I could get a mani-pedi. This single mom deserves a treat!

Ok, hold up, back up, and STOP. Let me tell you something right now: Having a husband that works long hours does not make you “practically a single mom.” Sorry, it just doesn't. What it DOES make you is a stay-at-home mom doing what stay-at-home moms do: caring for your children while your husband goes to work so that you don’t have to try and do both likereal single moms do.

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