OPEN THREAD: What Are Your Favorite Names For Pets, Real Or Imagined?

I'm not ready for my own pets yet, but I can dream up names all I want.
Publish date:
October 2, 2013
open thread, pets, names

Last Tuesday, Emily and I were playing the Best Friend game at work; you ask each other, "Who's your best friend?" and then you go up to other people and ask them who their best friends are. It's just uncomfortable enough to be fun! My answer, for the record, is "My cat, Josephine."

Jojo the cat lives with Alice, the dog, and my parents. They're a six-minute bike ride away from me in Brooklyn. I visit often, but in the next year or two I plan to adopt my own cat and then a dog. Or maybe I'll just get two cats. Naturally, I've been dreaming up potential names for these critters. For all of 2012, I was convinced the two would be named Clementine and Moses, but as the year went on, I encountered more and more human Clementines. So I scratched that. I've since moved on to Corncob and Kiki. Corncob! And Kiki! DON'T YOU DARE STEAL MY IDEA.

What are your ideas for pet names? Or what have you named your pets? I'm kidding, you can steal my ideas.