My Kids Dig Ke$ha -- It’s Intervention Time

I play a little Vampire Weekend, and these are the first words out of the little one's mouth: "Can you put on 'Gangnam Style'?" It hurts my heart.
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August 18, 2013
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My kids truly have the WORST taste in music. They are all about Top 20 bubblegum pop. How did this happen? I pride myself on my music choices. I exposed them to so much great music spanning genres, and yet all they want is to "shine bright like a diamond." HELP!

I play a little Vampire Weekend and these are the first words out of the little one's mouth: "Can you put on 'Gangnam Style'?" It hurts my heart. I love my vinyl records, and when they were little, we would hit up Amoeba Music in Hollywood for new and old tunes. Nothing made me prouder than when my kid told his preschool teacher that his favorite nursery tune was "Wilco."

So I'm not sure how we got where we are right now. They are in a whirlwind of Rhi Rhi and Ke$ha, artists who are part of a songwriting machine. Insert vocals here, press play. Where's the heart and soul? The beats all sound similar, the writing is nonsensical, but they eat that crap up for breakfast. "Please don't stop the music" they sing along, and I think "No, please. Please stop the f*cking music RIGHT NOW."

Nothing makes me laugh more than listening to them sing anything from Taylor Swift's repertoire. "We are never, ever, ever getting back together" sung by a 7-year-old is straight-up ridiculous. They can't get enough of sweet Taylor, like ever.

My musical sensibilities run deep. I was all over the indie bands on "Yo Gabba Gabba," especially Biz Markie's Beat of the Day. Yes, please. When indie artists started singing kids' songs, “kindie music” was born and I was excited beyond words. Mates of State for kids? Hell yeah. So, why oh why, are my kids' tastes gearing toward bad club music courtesy of peeps like Psy and Icona Pop and "I love it?"

The good news is that we can agree on Ryan and Macklemore, and I'm mad thankful for that. I love me some "Thrift Shop," and I have seen no better performance recently than the two of them in NPR's office for "Tiny Stage." Watch these guys make magic and you will see that heart is possible on a top 20 list. Even if you have to look really, really hard.

I'm hoping for more crossover artists that don't substitute quality for sales. My kids may not realize what they're buying into, but I'm over it. Laura Marling is divine and I don't want her upstaged by a heart attack.

And my favorite: