4 Back-to-School Items I Bought for My Kid and May or May Not Have Kept for Myself

I am not above "stealing" things from my kid. Usually it's more of a "borrow" situation, like that time I needed five dollars to tip a pizza delivery guy and I had to ask my nine-year-old for the cash.
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August 18, 2014
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One annoying habit I have is leaving things I need in places where I do not need them. Example: I often leave my travel coffee mug on my desk at work and then find the next morning that I have no way to transport my coffee back to work with me. And I get pretty cranky if I don’t get to finish my coffee -- I'm down to one cup a day and every drop is precious.

I’ve tried everything to help me remember to bring my travel mug home, from setting a reminder on my phone to writing a note on my hand, and yet I still do this about once a week.

Except this week I’ve not only left my coffee mug behind, but my water bottle as well. So this morning when I left for my barre fitness class I grabbed the sample kids' water bottle the SIGG PR people sent to me recently. I don’t think anyone in my class noticed I was carrying a child’s water bottle? And I liked the fact that it fit easily in my bag and wasn’t heavy like my ginormous grow-up size bottle. In fact, I’m thinking of keeping it for myself.

Look, I am not above "stealing" things from my kid, although to be honest it's usually it's more of a "borrow" situation, like that time I needed five dollars to tip a pizza delivery guy and I had to ask Oliver for the cash. Anyway, with the new school year just around the corner, here are some school supplies you might want to steal from your kid if you are unscrupulous like me:

1. SIGG Travel Series water bottles, $30

(Pictured in my thieving little hands above, the NYC bottle). Maybe these are not the most professional looking water bottles, but I can see taking these when I workout -- focusing on the cute little skateboarder illustration and city skyline helped me get through three six sets of planking exercises.

2. Yoobi pencil pouch, Target.com, $4

This Muppet-like pencil bag makes a pretty sweet makeup bag, plus, for every Yoobi product sold, Target will donate a Yoobi product to a school in need.

3. Another cute Yoobi item: $2 Pretzel erasers, what?!

I'm going to use these at work, but then again I also have sushi erasers on my desk. Maybe not the most professional, but super fun.

4. Laptop Lunches Bento Kit, $40

Laptop Lunches makes bento-style lunch boxes for adults too, but let's just say, hypothetically, that you get this skateboarder print bag for your nine-year-old, and hypothetically, you think it would be a great way to break up a super serious work outfit on a day when you have a lot of meetings. Hypothetically.

Do you "borrow" stuff from your children? And has your nine-year-old ever had to tip a delivery guy out of his own money?

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