5 Precious Baby Things for A Cuter Friday Afternoon (Including Feet!)

You asked for it.
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April 6, 2012
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I don't know why so many pregnant women spend months and months carefully planning and preparing for their babies, decorating nurseries and researching stroller brands and learning basic developmental information about their babies.

Chump suckers, the lot of them.

Turns out all you need is one day and about 1,000 dollars to purchase and assemble the bulk of what you'll need to accomodate one. I mean, none of it is particularly cool or stylish or matching. But we've got the basics covered. And I'm getting used to the fact that our house looks like a a suburb exploded all over it.

So I'm not posting the

requested nursery pics

. One, I'm not Beyonce. Two, the haste means that there was really no rhyme or reason to its assembly. I don't know if I would have been one of those people who would have decorated a nursery all cute and aspirational, but we didn't get to find out. And if you want to see a bunch of haphazard baby stuff shoved into a small space, you can ask to see the back room at Babies R' Us.

But I will bequeath you with a few photos of cute baby stuff before I go back to my regularly scheduled hot slutty sex posts. Here are some of the cutest things currently laying around my apartment.

1. Baby bear suit.

He came with this, and my life was basically over the first time I looked at it. Cuteness kills.

2. Baby bear.

We've been calling this stuffed animal Sleepytime Bear, because little dude digs him at bedtime. My favorite thing about Sleepytime Bear is that he has his own bear, who we've been joking is a jerk-ass freeloader who caught a ride with baby.

3.Baby bib.

I bought this yeterday, and can't stop laughing thinking about him wearing it. It's better than a

dog in a suit

! (No, it's not.)

4. Baby socks.

A single baby sock. Do you die? He's got shoes, too, but I can't even. I'm not trying to destroy anybody.

5. Baby Feet.

Your wish is my command.

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