The xoJane KREAYSHAWN Interview: “I’m the Egg McMuffin of your bitch life!”

Kreayshawn collects Starburst wrappers and smokes an eighth a day. Stars, they're just like us!
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January 23, 2012
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Bay Area-bred rapper, Kreayshawn, born Natassia Zolot, has taken a lot of shit since her video for "Gucci, Gucci" went viral last summer. With her around-the-way girl aesthetic and loud-mouth lyrics, Kreayshawn's critics have panned her for cashing in on black culture and riding the Ke$ha wave of white girl hip-pop, but Kreayshawn isn't worried about her haters.

With a new single coming out, and a slew of major press to go with it, the 22-year-old rapper is enjoying her newfound success and feeling positive. Last week, I scored 15 minutes with Kreayshawn to talk Twitter, hair, sex, drugs and Sailor Moon.

On your Twitter, you said you were having nightmares and then blamed your weave – it was another person’s hair in your hair, giving you bad dreams. Creepy! Discuss.

It ended up not being the weave, cuz I’m still having nightmares, but I thought my weave was possessed because it’s real human hair. You never know! It’s in your head, it touches your brain. It’s crazy.

You also tweet excitedly about getting your hair done. Who does it, and what do you get done?

You really have to stay loyal to your hair stylists or you can get hair stylists into fights and shit. When I was in the Bay (Area) or when I go up there, my friend does my hair. I named her da hair god. When I’m in LA, my friend Tyler does my hair. I do my own hair on tour. I don’t really care about my hair or my makeup or anything. It’s only on shoots or when I’m about to do something like a video, I’ll hit em’ up and do my hair real quick. Usually I don’t even brush my hair. I like it messy and stuff.

How do you get ready in the morning?

Usually I sleep with my makeup. I think it makes my skin better, but I wouldn’t say that for everyone. So I wash my face in the morning, take my makeup off, and take a shower. Sometimes I wash my hair, sometimes I don’t. And that’s it really.

Do you have favorites in your makeup bag? You always have crazy liquid liner on.

My favorite eyeliner -- Wet N' Wild eyeliner. Yup, that’s the secret.

Any other drugstore favorites?

I wear a lot of chapstick. I don’t like wearing hella lipgloss and sticky shit. I like a nice little natural Burt’s bees, you know?

What’s in your purse right now? Do you even carry a purse?

I don’t have a purse! I was gonna be like "OK, wait, lemme go look in my purse," but I don’t have one. I have a wallet and my passport, and I just put my credit card in my passport and carry it in my pocket. And some Burt’s Bees in my other pocket.

Do you really have a Starburst wrapper collection?

Yeah, it still smells really good, too. When the fruit crème Starbursts came out, I was in the 7th grade or something, and I would just eat them all the time and save the wrappers, and I keep them in this little box and when I open it, it smells like hella Starburst wrappers. I wanted to do an art project, but I can’t think of one yet.

I mean you could sell them on eBay at this point because they’re yours.

Kreayshawn’s old candy wrappers, YEAH!

What else do you collect?

I collect Sailor Moon stuff, and I have Spice Girls stuff all wrapped up still and kid robot toys. I’m like a little kid.

What are your favorite things to wear in your wardrobe?

I usually wear baggy jeans, not hella baggy, but kinda baggy. And cool shoes and graphic tees and you know, just keep it real chill, snapbacks and stuff. I like to stunt a little bit. My gold earrings, I have to wear every day.

Have you splurged on anything since you’ve made it? Was there anything you always wanted that you’ve finally bought?

I got my dream car, which is a ‘92 Buick Reatta. It's so strange because it’s 20 years old now, but it was my favorite car, and I’d always see it driving around Oakland and was like, "Oh my God, I love that car." It was $4,000. I’m pretty excited off that car.

You’ve criticized Nikki Minaj for her “Barbie” thing. Would you ever get plastic surgery?

Has she had work done? I don’t know. People do whatever they want to make themselves feel better. I support it, just don’t overdo it like that one girl from that TV show.

Heidi Montag?

Yeah, you gotta know the difference, when you got that body modification disease. Then there’s stuff you do to make yourself feel better. Tattoos are like the same thing almost.

One of my favorite things you’ve ever Tweeted is “I’m the Egg McMuffin of your bitch life!” You have a pretty amazing attitude on the Internet that I think is awesome, but other people seem to really hate (men in particular). Does the negativity get you down ever?

I mean the only time it gets me down, is when you wake up in the morning, and the first thing you do is reach over for your phone, see who hit you up, you know, respond, get on Twitter, check your Twitter. Sometimes when you wake up, the first thing you don’t want to see is a tweet like, "You’re dumb, bitch. I hope you die." You don’t wanna see that when you wake up. So the only time is in the morning, when I’m in bed. I just gotta learn to not check my Twitter first thing.

Who are the most famous people in your cell phone?

Oh my God, no I’m scared! Someone might hack my phone! I mean, I have a lot. I have hella people. You know, just like to keep in contact. I don’t talk to everyone every day, but I always save them under other names.

There’s gotta be something crazy like Madonna or someone.

Oh my God, hell no! I’m looking right now.

Or Kanye, is Kanye in your phone?

You know what’s funny? I’ve got a friend under Madonna, a guy friend, and I was just like, "Wai, do I really have Madonna’s phone number?", but it’s not. I’d have to say Wacka Flocka is saved in my phone under My Boo. We don’t talk that much, but he’s still My Boo in my phone.

You tweeted recently that you “smoke a lot of weed every day.” How much is a lot?

I’ve been smoking over an eighth, and that’s just on a normal smoking relax, and this is between two or three people. We had some hash oil last night, so that was crazy.

My boss wants to know what other drugs you use.

I’ve sipped sirrup, which is like cough syrup, promethazine and codeine. And prescriptions, but I don’t play around. I’ve never done shrooms or coke or acid. I’m a little skinny girl. I’m scared.

How often do you have sex?

Never. I think the last time I did it was two years ago. I’m asexual, I keep to myself. I only like to be with people that I’m in love with. A soulmate.

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