xoBooks: Do You Remember Books-on-Tape?

You can't tell me you don't love a good audiobook.
Publish date:
March 5, 2016
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My steadfast love of audiobooks probably stems from the fact that I was kind of a shitty kid. I spent a lot of time “super grounded.” In our house, “super-grounded” meant I was to go straight to my room after school and stay there until the next day — no TV, no phone, no computer, and no music. What I was allowed to have during these dark stretches of wrongful confinement (I’m mostly kidding — hi, mom! I love you! — as previously stated, I was a pretty shitty kid) was my cassette player for books-on-tape only.

I spent days in solitary, working on thousand-piece puzzles and listening to audiobooks from the library. It wasn’t terrible.

Now that I’m a grown ass woman, no one can ground me (HA! JUSTICE!), but I still love listening to the 21 century version of books-on-tape — audiobooks. I’ve never been able to listen to the audio version of a book I haven’t read yet (I can read faster than I can speak and if I’m excited about a story, I get very frustrated), but I love to listen to my favorite books while commuting, running errands, and doing chores. My guy and I also pick out one or two audiobooks that we’ll both enjoy listening to on our semi-frequent cross-country road-trips. They make the time go by.

That said, I can be picky. I have very high audiobook standards that a book must meet in order to be worth the thirty-odd dollars they cost these days. Here are a few books-on-tape-on-mp3-file that I find myself returning to over and over throughout the years. Click through these favorites or just jump into the comments and tell me what audiobook I should reinstate my audible account to download.

Do you audiobook? Do you rewind your books on tape when you’re finished? What side of the heated Jim Dale vs. Stephen Fry Harry Potter debate do you stand on? Let’s get to it. #jimdaleforlife