xoBookClub: Dense Books Worth Slogging Through

Size doesn't matter, but it does — have you ever given up on a book that was just too hard to get through?
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December 13, 2015
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Welcome back to the erstwhile xoBook Club which has suffering through woeful infrequency and many ill-fated iterations. Since we last spoke, I've been hard at work in the xoJane Secret Lab (which does not actually exist) attempting to concoct a more palatable recipe for our weekly — yes, it's weekly now! — foray into the world of book lovin', title-sharin' goodness.

Many of you expressed distain for the limitations of a "book of the month," style column and offered suggestions, solutions, and a desire for a place to talk about what you're reading free from the confines of my (admittedly unvaried and nightmare-inducing) literary preferences. So, I offer you this — a chat-happy free-for-all in which to talk about what we're reading, what we want to read next and, perhaps most importantly, what everyone else should be reading.

This week, I'm reading Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale. I've been a committed inhabitant of the Buffyverse since I was six years old. By the time I'd read — and highlighted — my way through BTVS & Philosophy's introduction, I was enjoying myself much more than I was throughout my last foray into nonfiction, On Monsters.

However, that was over a week ago. I haven't made it past the first chapter. This book is dense as fuck.

That's not a bad thing! I'm learning a lot and decorating the pages with some serious marginalia but, lord, it has been slow going. And yet, this is my favorite kind of book to read — long, arduous, with many hours of meandering through its chapters assured.

What I want to know is this — what's the longest you've ever spent working your way through a single book, be it fiction or nonfiction or a field guide or travel narrative? Is it never not worth it to keep reading? What's the one book you've abandoned for greener (read: shorter, lighter) pastures?

Without further ado, let's get talking because books are amazing and Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy: Fear and Trembling in Sunnydale is amazing, but I don't want to go back to it just yet.

P.S. It goes without saying that you'll let me know if this edition of the xoBook Club is better than the latter iterations, but I still want to know — yay or nay?

Happy reading, folks.