Women In Publishing Recommend Their Top Summer Reads

If you want to know what’s hot, interesting, new and exciting in the world of books, it’s best to go straight to the source, so I asked some of the coolest women I know who work in publishing what they will be reading this summer...
Publish date:
July 3, 2013
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Rose Gardner, Junior Editor, Penguin“The one that I would recommend is Ghana Must Go by Taiye Selasi. When renowned surgeon and failed husband Kwaku Sai dies, it brings together the family he abandoned years before. They gather in Ghana, unearth secrets and lies told, and come together at last. Ghana Must Go is a powerful novel about family and forgiveness that spans generations and continents. Elegantly written, utterly compelling, an astonishing debut novel.”

Hannah Westland, Publisher, Serpent’s Tail“My summer reading recommendation is FAMILIAR by J.Robert Lennon. It is an electrifying, clever and completely compelling novel about a woman who is either having a nervous breakdown, or has entered a mind-blowing world of multiple realities. If you ever watched Quantum Leap on TV as a kid, FAMILIAR is a bit like the grown-up literary version of that TV show.

Like all the best novels, it forces you to ask yourself difficult questions but makes sure you’re having a good time while you’re doing it. I think Lennon is a genius and should be recognised as one of the most important American writers of his generation.” FAMILIAR will be published on August 8th by Serpent’s Tail.

Rebecca Gray, Serpent’s Tail“We all have times where we take things for granted, and that’s one of the things Amanda Smyth’s second novel, A Kind of Eden, is about. Her main character is an Englishman abroad, who is having an affair and has decided not to return home to his wife and daughter.

But when they come to visit and he plans to tell them his decision, something happens that is so awful it makes him remember what he loves most. It’s a devastating reminder of how a moment can change a life forever, written with style and lyricism.” A Kind Of Eden will be published in July, £11.99

Tina Mories, Publicity Officer, Abrams & Chronicle Books"Paper Aeroplanes is a nostalgic little debut number from the irreverent yet adorable powerhouse journo Dawn O’Porter (@hotpatooties). A quick read that will compel you to reminisce about a time full of grazed knees, fluorescent chalk graffiti and botched blowjobs. I just count my blessings that social networking didn’t exist to avoid the moment I got entangled into the trampoline netting by my braces simultaneously tweeted on mass to the world."

Tina works in the publicity department at Abrams & Chronicle Books where I spend my days buried in books, chatting to the press, humbling authors and obsessively tweeting the lead singer of FOALS. Say hi @tinamories