Sexist Local Ad Time! Move To Brooklyn, Get a Free Bikini Girl

Finally! An apartment complex that makes it safe to objectify women.
Publish date:
June 17, 2011
sexism, advertising

Williamsburg! It's the uber-hipster area of Brooklyn, comparable to Silver Lake in LA, or or Wicker Park in Chicago. It's full of dudes with Jesus beards and tattoos of owls and swallows on their pasty, cocaine-shriveled arms.

And now it's offering HARDCORE LUXURY with a side of bikini girl! A beautiful girl whose torso has been Photoshopped to the consistency of taut, flesh-colored hose of the sort that encase the legs of countless Hooters girls.

OK, ignore the fact that this is an ad for an apartment complex, a genderless product, that objectifies and alienates any women who may want to live there. Ignore the fact that the "Guilty Pleasures" heading couples with the language about "party rooms" and "decadent amenities" to make the place sound like some sultan's exotic date-rape factory. What the hell is a decadent amenity anyway? I would be expecting ice cream machines galore, but I think they mean handjobs.

So, ignoring all that -- if you put out an ad like this to convince men to move into your poolside pleasure palace, aren't they gonna be pissed when they get there and its just a bunch of other dudes who also saw this ad?

God help this girl if she really lives there -- she's about to become the Smurfette.

Also, I was in L.A. this weekend, and in addition to the all-pervasive "Do it For Mom" HIV testing billboards, I also saw this gem a few times:

Her feet so well-protected, her breasts so vulnerable. I want to see your sexist local ads! Send them to me at Or sex questions, why don't I ever get any sex questions? I'm really smart and I've done a lot of weird stuff.