What We’re Watching: An African City

We're hooked.
Publish date:
March 20, 2014

Last week we highlighted the new reality webseries Nigerians Abroad, a show focusing on Nigerians living in Los Angeles and working in various aspects of the entertainment business. Over the weekend as I was knee-deep in YouTube watching various shows that are set in African countries, I came across An African City.

Unlike Nigerians Abroad, An African City isn’t a reality tv series, but a scripted drama that follows the lives of 5 women that return to Ghana after being raised in the United States. The series follows the women as they adjust to living in Ghana with topics including dating, careers and culture shock. An African City was created by Nicole Amarteifio, a Ghanaian-American, with a background in African-Studies and International Development. Millie Monyo, a New Yorker with Ghanaian roots, is the executive-producer and wants to see the show evolve from a web series into a full-blown TV show.

Season 1 is currently available on YouTube, and after the first few minutes of episode 1, I was completely hooked!

Reprinted with permission from Clutch.