What Was Your First Album? Here's Ours!

I remember the crinkle of the plastic wrap on the very first cassette that belonged solely to me, instead of being something I'd "borrowed" from my parents.
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May 16, 2013
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I listened to a lot of my parents' music. They were into old Crosby, Still, Nash, and Young but they also dug a lot of 80s music -- Janet Jackson and The Human League and that kind of thing. My dad, very much into technology, passed their old stereo down to me at a pretty early age, so it was common to find me in my room, listening to old David Bowie cassette tapes and reading a Babysitter's Club book.

But children cannot live on their parents' music alone, no matter how awesome some of that music is. Eventually, we all branch out. My dad understood this.

And so one day, he came out of the music store with a cassette tape in a bag, and handed it to me. "It's yours," he told me. He'd heard a single from the album and thought it was funny.

It was 1988, and I was 10 years old. And the cassette tape was He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper, by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince.

I have no idea how my dad even heard the song. But I was totally and immediately into it. My classmates were obsessed with New Kids on the Block, but me? I had Will Smith in my Walk-man.

Shortly after that, I also had Guns n' Roses (courtesy of an uncle's girlfriend) and Megadeth (courtesy of a dude in my science class). And thus was my ridic music collection born.

I totally love asking about other people's early music obsessions -- and so I demanded that the other xoEditors tell me about their first music, too.


This is a video of Express Yourself that I found. it was definitely on the Like a Prayer cassette which I *think* was my first tape.


Madonna, Material Girl.

Our darling Olivia:

OMG. My first albums were Jagged Little Pill and Tragic Kingdom. BEFORE THAT (ie., when I was a wee baby), I was OBSESSED with Schoolhouse Rock: Multiplication Rock and the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack.


Motely Crue, Girls, Girls, Girls -- I wish I were joking. But I am not joking. This is probably why I am always hair band ballad away from taking my top off at any given time.


Leann Rimes, "Blue"! I had a huge crush on her, to the degree that I dressed up like her for "Dress Like Your Hero" day in the third grade.


The Lion King soundtrack cassette. I used to walk around listening to it on my yellow Walk-man.


Mariah Carey's "Hero" single that came out right after the Oklahoma City bombing. And also the the "All That" soundtrack!! Which had TLC, Nas, Naughty By Nature, LL Cool J, and sooo many good people.


My first album was Spice Girls, Spice. It hasn't aged. (It has.)


The first tape my mom bought me was the Annie Soundtrack (I owned that on vinyl, Daisy -- Marianne), but the first tape I bought myself was The English Beat "What Is Beat." I was a few years late to that party, but was OBSESSED with "Mirror in the Bathroom."


The Monkees. I used to play "Daydream Believer" every day when I woke up. Ugh, I wish I could go back in time so I could hate myself as a small kid.


The first album I claimed as my own, begging my mom, "Can this be MINE?", was the soundtrack to the movie "Flashdance". It was my mom's record, but it became mine when I danced to "What a Feeling" everyday like it was my job.

The first cassette that was mine from the start was Paula Abdul's "Shut Up and Dance", the dance remix version of her "Forever Your Girl" album.

Apparently I used to be a dancing machine.


I am killing myself here because I CAN'T REMEMBER and this seems like a thing I should remember. Both of my parents were extreme music collectors so I have vivid memories of albums (including LOTS of vinyl) that weren't actually mine, going to back to when I was three or four years old. And then once I did start buying my own music I bought so much it's hard to remember what I got first.

I do recall buying Depeche Mode's "Music for the Masses" really clearly, for some reason -- remember how cassette tapes in the store would come in those long plastic frames to make them harder to steal? I have a really vivid memory of pulling the tape from the shelf in Sam Goody and holding onto the frame thing. That would have been 1987ish. So let's go with that.


Hrm hem. The first music I owned was (please don't make fun of me) a Chipmunks LP. My dad bought it for me when we got back from Greece because I begged unstintingly, no doubt in a voice almost as annoying as that of the Chipmunks. Once we got it, he promptly regretted the purchase until it "accidentally" broke one night in mysterious circumstances.

I think the first music I independently *bought* was Electriclarryland, because, you know, who doesn't love the Butthole Surfers?


My very first album was this K-Tel Records compilation right here at this link (thank you, Internet, for existing).

I got it for Christmas 1982, when I would have been five or six years old. I saw the ad for it on TV and BEGGED my mom for it, which is pretty hilarious, and maybe also explains why the first concert I ever attended was Hall and Oates. For those of you who don't remember K-Tel Records, here's the Wiki.


Our beloved Emily:

The first CD I ever got was Amy Grant "Heart in Motion." It came with my first CD player on Christmas Day and I was PUMPED! I still know all the words to "Baby Baby"!

Everyone at xoJane has a lot of feelings about music.

What are YOUR feelings, xoJaners? What was the first music that really belonged to YOU? Share with us in comments!