We Are Live-Tweeting The Emmys!

Publish date:
August 25, 2014
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I am a BIG fan of awards shows. I just love the glamour, I love the dumb jokes, I love the tributes and I love live-tweeting it. Live-tweeting is actually my favorite part. Mostly because of the following reasons:

  1. I think I'm very funny.
  2. I have ADD and it makes it hard to just watch tv without changing the channel.
  3. My mother is really big on Twitter and she generally joins in the conversation which is awesome because she doesn't think she is funny, but OH BOY she is.
  4. Jane Pratt pays me $5 for every retweet so I have a cash incentive to be thoughtful and witty.*
  5. I don't have to leave the couch.

We here at xoJane HQ decided on a brand new hashtag to tweet under so you all can join the conversation too! We will be talking to each other below. In order to see your tweets on xoJane all you have to do is tack on #xoEmmys2014 at the end and we can talk all night long. Or at least until they are over and it is bedtime. You don't even NEED twitter to see us all talk on this here page! How #tight is that?

So please hang around and watch as I descend into madness and really workout my Seamless app. Also, expect guest appearances from Ms. Emily Mccombs and Jane Pratt, who will probably solve your life problems in about 140 characters or less.

Tweets about "xoEmmys2014"

*This is a total lie.