'The Voice' Doesn't Care About Your Nudie Pics

Will the new singing competition be an alternative to "Idol"'s incessant moralizing?
Publish date:
April 27, 2011
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And I know this because Frenchie Davis is back! The "Idol" semi-finalist, summarily dismissed for not looking thin and white in a bikini like every other contestant caught up in a racy pics scandal admitting to having posed for topless photos at age 19, is now in the running on this latest reality singing competition.

But you know what? "The Voice" doesn't care, man. Because they're all about THE VOICE, not the giant exposed breasts. "The Voice," with its blind audition gimmick and megastar "coaches" Christina Aguilera, Cee-Lo, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, premiered last night with a solid and tasteful linup of initial talent.

I mean, they could have gone the freakshow route, filling the roster with hideous creatures with angel voices so that every time those giant Star Trek chairs flipped around it was like a feverish morning-after nightmare.And let's be honest, we probably would have watched that too, because it's still raining outside a lot and Christina Aguilera's hair is very blond and when I get home from work, I just really don't wanna think you know? But the show's inclusion of the bescandaled (and probably gay) Frenchie Davis, as well as 41-year-old openly gay Beverly McCLellan does seem to broadcast a departure from the Idol industrial complex's over-the-top moralizing re: sexuality. I mean, sure, Idol is the gayest show on television, but have you ever heard a female contestant openly introduce their "girlfriend" to the cameras like Beverly did last night? Or identify him or herself as a homosexual even when it's glaringly evident?

No, because Idol is a huge, oversold, unwieldy behemoth being driven by so many different finicky captains (with millions of dollars each) that everyone just comes out as big ol' whitewashed cartoon versions of themselves that never take their tops off or commit a crime and always send their love to Japan and support the troops forever and ever amen.

This is the same reason that the morbidly obesee contenstants on "The Biggest Loser" have only the most pat of emotional problems over which they inevitably triumph by the end of week three. You can't get too much ugly reality all over the Jennie-O Turkey. (For a less sunny take on compulsive overeating, check out A&E's "Heavy.")

Not that I expect gritty reality from "The Voice," but it is nice to see admitted mistake-maker Frenchie and her insanely powerful voice given a second chance.