Tulisa forces MC Ultra to admit he leaked sex tape was faked, gets a new hair do

Now that’s what I call a productive day
Publish date:
July 13, 2012
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Tulisa addresses the nation

Tulisa has won the civil case she took out against Justin Edwards (Jedward?), forcing him to admit that he leaked that sex tape of her.

She also used the opportunity to showcase her new hair style, proving that, like many women, she’s excellent at multi tasking.

As she shook her glossy blonde mane on the court steps, she said: 'I am relieved that this is finally over. It has been a very testing few months and this was not a case I ever wanted to go through. Justin Edwards's actions were to spite me, make money and ruin my career. He has succeeded in none of these things.

'I stand here today a stronger, wiser young woman who has taken this experience and learnt from it. I am disgusted by Justin and saddened by the people that believed I released the footage myself.’

She also thanked the fans that stood by her, before tossing her head back to show her new ‘do off to best effect (I may have made that end bit up).