Call in Jeremy Hunt/Theresa May/whoever deals with these things - TOWIE cast are threatening to strike

This obviously overshadows everything to do with the Olympics
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July 27, 2012
olympics 2012, strike, TOWIE

All the attention may have been on Home Offices workers striking during the Olympics, but there’s some new industrial action to worry about, that, should it take place, will shock the nation to its very core.

Someone from TOWIE. Probably.

The TOWIE cast are threatening to go on strike.

Yes, that’s right folks. The cast, who claim they are overworked and underpaid, are threatening to go on strike if working conditions aren’t improved.

In particular, Gemma Collins, Mario Falcone and Billi Mucklow (no, I have no idea either) have all threatened to walk, after spending 13 hours filming in the sweltering heat on Sunday only to find that many of their scenes had been cut.

They only get £80 a day to film the show, so presumably they make their fortunes (real Russian hair extensions don’t come cheap) from their numerous magazine and sponsorship deals.

Mario’s mum A source said: 'A lot of the cast members have been complaining about how hard they are worked for little money. On Sunday a lot of them put in a 13 hour day and later found their scenes had been dropped. There are a lot of unhappy stars at the moment.'

Poor darlings, they’re being worked like big orange battery hens.

Meanwhile, reports that the strike will shrink Britain's GDP by a further 0.3% have been unconfirmed by George Osborne, who is currently hiding in a bunker somewhere in Wiltshire.