The Same Five Questions We Always Ask: Fran Drescher

Fran Drescher is the only celebrity who hasn't said "pass" on a single question in this old JANE magazine series. She's awesome.
Publish date:
June 27, 2011
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Fran Drescher came by my Sirius XM talk show Jane Radio to promote her new hilariously-premised show "Happily Divorced" (plug time: TV Land, Wednesdays at 10:30PM). While she was there, I unleashed the same five questions we always ask--a series you may remember from Jane magazine--on her. We discussed everything from swollen hands and Bruce Springsteen to orgasms and feminine hygiene.

Jane: What pills do you take every day?

Fran: I take synthroid because I have thyroiditis which is a hereditary condition – very common, and one of the very few organs in the body that can be easily replaced with a little pill everyday. I’ve had that for many years.

I will also, on average, take at least half a Benadryl a day because I have a histamine sensitivity; it’s not a real allergy, but if I eat too many foods with histamines, my hands start to swell. And right now, this hand is swollen [points to left hand], because I had been drinking a lot of tea to hydrate my throat while I am talking so much, which has a lot of histamines in it. And I had shellfish last night at Marais, which also has a lot of histamines in it. And I’ve been having wine the end of the day, I need my glass of wine.

Right now I’m wearing these beautiful bracelets that I wore to an event yesterday. And I can’t get them off of my hands! I’m stuck in them! I was sleeping in them last night, and I don’t really like sleeping in jewelry.

Jane: Who's on your "Celebrities to Make Out With" list?

Fran: There’s some weird reason, don’t ask me why, but Bruce Springsteen popped into my head in that moment. And he’s married, so I hate to say that because I never do married men. I got my sisters’ backs. You gotta narrow down the pool somehow, so that eliminates a whole bunch.

Jane: Have you ever faked an orgasm?Fran: Um, no. I don’t need to, I’m pretty good in that area. And I’m pretty good at vocalizing what needs to be done to do the trick.

Jane: What's the most disgusting or weirdest thing in your purse?Fran: I actually love having “Wet Ones” wipes that you travel about with. But they have these individual ones that are made by Preparation H, actually. Preparation H “Toteables,” but actually, it’s witch hazel and aloe, and it’s good for all sorts of personal sanitation.Jane: So you use it for your hands, or whatever.Fran: Or private parts. I’m very-- you know, I like to keep a tidy station.

Jane: What is the strangest thing you do when you’re alone?Fran: I tend to talk to inanimate objects from time to time. “Oh, there you are! Where are you? What were you doing?" I once went through this whole jag where I read all of Tom Robbins' books. He wrote this wonderful book Skinny Legs and All, and in the book the inanimate objects all have their own life. You know, that sock that you can’t find, it ran away! He gave all of these inanimate objects their own consciousness. And ever since then, I just loved the idea that everything has its own consciousness and we’re just all in this big Disney film together. I mean, living alone, it does take its toll.

Thank you, Fran. We love you so much!