Your Guy Crush Matt Smith is Starring in a Movie Produced by My Girl Crush Eliza Dushku

I asked Eliza Dushku the same five questions we always ask and got behind-the-scenes details on the Robert Mapplethorpe biopic to boot.
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January 27, 2016
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It has been confirmed, to the delight of Dr. Who fans and American Photography history buffs, that the Robert Mapplethorpe biopic produced by Eliza Dushku and her brother Nate will feature Matt Smith as the infamous photographer who changed the landscape of modern American photography.

Before she headed to Sundance to check out the Mapplethorpe documentary ("research" is so much cooler when you are Eliza Dushku), I had the chance to interview rogue vampire slayer + activist + badass + intellectual Eliza Dushku while she flitted from one exciting thing to yet another exciting thing (read: it was a phone interview. She was in a car and still highly attentive to the same five questions we always ask).

Not only did Dushku give what I fervently believe is the best answer xoJane has ever gotten to the "fake orgasm” question, she also filled me in on how long this biopic has been gestating:

"[Nate] first brought me the Robert Mapplethorpe biopic script about ten years ago. We'll be shooting it this Spring in New York and it's taken a long time, it's been a complicated process, but we've been steadfast and we're staying the course and we hope that it all comes together over the course of this next year."

10 years. 10 YEARS. I have never done anything passionately nor consistently for 10 years. #swoon. Instead of including the giddy nonsense I spouted at hearing this news, I'm going to direct you to the same five questions we always ask because it was my first celebrity interview and I was nervous and fawning and Eliza is so incredibly articulate and cool and MOVING RIGHT ALONG:

What is the weirdest thing you do when you’re alone?The weirdest thing I do when I’m alone is talk really goofy to my puppy, he’s only one year old and I talk really goofy to him, I’ll admit it. And I say some weird ass shit.

What’s the closest you’ve ever come to being arrested?You need to look back at the Bring It On 15-year reunion press because apparently I was really outed left and right for our Tijuana arrest though I don’t think anyone really got the full story, but we were in fact arrested so the closest I’ve come to being arrested was being arrested. But I didn’t do anything really bad.

Editor’s Note: Details on this event are vague, few and far between, and veiled in mystery. From what I’ve pieced together the “arrest” occurred in Rosarito, not Tijuana and once the situation — that was only caught on disposable cameras that no one developed — was explained to a judge, they were free to go. But yeah, totally shrouded in mystery.

What pills do you take everyday?I take, let’s see — I take fish oil, I take a multivitamin, I take lots of crazy things. You know, I’ve lived in L.A. for 15 years so I have all kinds of homeopaths and I don’t take any naughty pills today in my life. I kind of replaced other addictions with my natural addictions so I take a lot of fun supplements that my boss and people don’t understand.

Do you take valerian root to chill out?Of course I’ve taken valerian root! I like tinctures too. Right now I’m taking Milk Thistle and Pau D'arco and I love Wellness Formula when I’m feeling a cold coming on, I start pounding those babies.

Do you have a “celebrities to make out with” list?I used to but I’ve knocked quite a few of them off the list.

Last one — have you ever faked an orgasm?No! No one should ever, ever do that! Do people do that? NO! You know how they say when you’re on an airplane you’re supposed to put your mask on first before you can help somebody else? Yeah, I believe in that.

Before we wrapped up our call, Eliza requested that I reveal to the world that she's also a humanitarian in addition to everything else to which, again, I can only #swoon. Check out her charity below:

"We have our annual fundraiser for my non-profit organization that I’ve been a board member of since it began — my mother started it — it’s called Thrive Gulu and we raise money every year and we raised 30,000 dollars on my 30 birthday which is December 30. We just bought land in Northern Uganda — I’m leading my first trip to Uganda in March — where we run and operate a shelter for homeless child soldiers and victims of the Ugandan war. So you should check it out, for sure."

Rock star, amiright?