Your Week in Girl Bands: The Blow, Heliotropes, iamamiwhoami

Our favorite girl-fronted bands to get into this week.
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September 27, 2013
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After hearing Le Tigre for the first time in an East Village living room 12 years ago,my love for girl-fronted music outfits snowballed out of control. Every week, I'll bring you a handful of bands that are more than worthy of your Spotify keyword searches.

1. The Blow

It’s been a whopping six years since Khaela Maricich and Jona Becholt tugged at heartstrings with lyrics about affection plummeting beneath sea beds and holding lovers in parenthetical embraces. After Maricich spent a year touring a performance piece that was a bizarre ode to Lindsay Lohan, it’s safe to say that the Blow hasn’t lost their sense of whimsy.

“Make It Up" is the first single off of The Blow’s self-titled record due out on October 1st. Khalea and Melissa Dyne are currently on tour, hopefully putting some pep in your step at a venue near you. And if you catch them live, prepare to watch Khalea do this with her butt a lot.

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2. Heliotropes

After completing a national tour this summer with Esben the Witch, Brooklyn's all-girl psych rock band du jour has been picking up steam with shows in Boston, Philly, Los Angeles and beyond. And if there’s a guitarist in Brooklyn that can out-shred frontwoman Jessica Numsuwankijkul, I’d like to meet them. Watch the band take it a little slow in their newest video, “Everybody Else”:

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3. iamamiwhoami

Four years after releasing a series of anonymous songs in the form of opulent YouTube videos funded by a grant from the Swedish government, iamamiwhoami (Jonna Lee) played her first stateside show at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple to the shrill screaming of a thousand screaming devotees losing their minds and dancing like it was the Limelight during the 1990s.

In conclusion: it’s definitely weird, but music that sounds like this is good for you.

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