The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask: Suprise Edition with Jay Manuel!

I was sitting next to America’s Next Top Model’s Jay Manuel, during my five-hour flight from Los Angeles to New York. So I asked him the same 5 questions we always ask.

I am a raging whore when it comes to reality television! I love it! Especially competition shows with attractive women that involve: roses, emotional breakdowns and cat fights.I was thrilled to discover I was sitting next to America’s Next Top Model’s, Jay Manuel, during my five hour flight from Los Angeles to New York. I’m no starfucker though! I kept quiet, but was excited. I knew as soon as the male flight attendant emerged from the bathroom and served everyone in first class wearing an ANTM women’s baby T to get Jay’s attention that I could finally say hello.I took the opportunity to ask him some questions while he was waiting for his media player and he couldn’t have been nicer. My only regret was the dirty oversized Old Navy shirt that I had been sporting for days. Oh well!Manuel has been working on ANTM when it started in 2003. Then doing double duty by hosting Canada’s Next Top Model…ANTM British Invasion is currently on the CW. In the midst of this all, Jay is ready to bring his fashion line that’s been a hit in Canada to the USA. Yay Jay!

What do you carry in your purse?(Laughs) Not a purse, but my bag. I can’t go anywhere without a camera because I’m always taking pictures of random things for inspiration for my line. I always carry a camera, Ipad, and right now I’m carrying jewelry. But I don’t have anything really weird in my bag because you’ve caught me on a plane. Maybe at other times, but we’re on a plane.

Have you ever been arrested?No, but it’s so funny, I always used to always pride myself for never having a parking ticket or speeding ticket. Then a year ago I was driving in the Catskills from my house to the grocery store to make it in time before the store closed and got pulled over for apparently speeding. It was 30 miles an hour, and the officer said I was doing 48. I think they were trying to clock Manhattan plates thinking that people will just pay the ticket. Whatever. I actually went to go fight it in court. So I show up in this small town court on a Wednesday, at five in the afternoon and nobody was even there. It was hysterical. I got out of the ticket, and that was my big brush with the law.How about celebrity crushes?I’ve got a thing for talent, so there’s two people I have crushes on for very different reasons. Rachel McAdams, because whatever she does I believe the story. She’s just that person that you fall in love with. In terms of an actress, she just endears me. I’ll go see anything she’s in. The other person is kind of my idol, Tom Ford. Not because he’s attractive, but because he’s supremely talented and I find the way he kind of looks at everything so genius. I’ve told him this. I know him. It’s really quite funny and I don’t hide that fact.What’s the weirdest thing that you do when you’re alone?I always like to surprise people by doing the unexpected. I love hiking. I’ll go hiking in complete gear, hat, backpack, etc. I’ll be unshaven, and I’ll pass people and sometimes I hear them say, “Is that Mr. Jay?” but I know they don’t expect it to really be me because I don’t think they think someone in fashion would enjoy hiking.What pills do you take every day?I take a custom made blend of vitamins to help with adrenal fatigue. I’m traveling so much, it’s good to take something that maintains my energy and helps my adrenals.