Open Thread: Can We Talk About This Weekend's SNL? Stefon and Kanye Specifically?

Stefon = the best. Ever. Kanye = the best. Ever. SNL killed it.
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May 20, 2013
open thread, kanye, snl, stefon

Can we take a minute to talk about Stefon and Kanye?

Specifically how amazing they were on "SNL" this weekend? If you haven't watched, take a minute and enjoy video that will make your head spin.

First, Stefon's sendoff (written by hilarious comic John Mulaney) featuring Bill Hader, Seth Meyers and holy fucking shit Anderson Cooper and Alf. (The only thing I wished it had was the table from Charlie Rose, my personal favorite club detail, from this particular Weekend Update.)

And "The Graduate," in case you have not seen the greatest movie ever made.

Second, Kanye's anger art (my favorite kind) in all its glory.


What did you think? Love? Hate? Meh?


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