I Stayed Up Past My Bedtime to See Sleepy Kitty So You Know They're Good

I think it is really, really important to support my fellow female musicians.
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October 24, 2014
music, sleepy kitty, women in music

I never leave the house, but the other night I decided to crawl out of my cave and go see a show. Shows are actually the only reason I will voluntarily stay out past 9 p.m.. It started at 8:30, so I showed up grumpy.

Luckily, Paige Brubeck of Sleepy Kitty totally reminded me why I was there in the first place. For the most part, if a girl is playing an instrument, I’m there. I think it is really, really important to support my fellow female musicians. Even if I don’t like the music, I’ll support. Always.

So I was pretty OK with my later bedtime because, Girl Power. And wouldn’t you know it, I stayed until the end because Sleepy Kitty was that good. I didn’t even feel bad about losing all that pre-sleep TV time.

Sleepy Kitty records and works on music-related projects out of their self-described “art castle” in St. Louis. Their first album is called Infinity City.

The group consists of Brubeck and drummer Evan Sult (who was in Harvey Danger(!) and their sound is based on Brubeck's super-sexy sometimes-screeching-sometimes-velveteen voice and fun sing-along melodies. Brubeck uses a looper (I'm pretty sure) enabling her to sing or play over live-recorded samples of herself.

What was really special about the show was that they were really in it together. Unlike other rock duos (here’s looking at you, Whites) there does not seem to be a front person. Both of them held their half of the stage at full energy and enthusiasm. It was welcoming and fun and I want to hear more. In fact, I'm listening to them as I write to you.

My favorite songs are Speaking Politely, Gimmie A Chantz! and The Hoax. Oh, and obviously their new single, Hold Yr Ground. I’ve put their trippy video down below for you to enjoy, so ENJOY!

What are your thoughts? Are you down with Sleepy Kitty? Have you BEEN down with Sleepy Kitty? What bands do you extend your bedtime for?