Seven Reasons Season Two of Girls Will Be All About Shoshanna

Losing her virginity, working out for the first time that even nice guys aren’t nice, and standing up to strong characters made her endearing, infuriating and, in a show obsessed with “realness,” believable.
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January 21, 2013
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Season Two of Girls kicked off in the UK last week, and it was really good. I’m going to be completely honest here, and say I didn’t get on well with Season One.

I know I’m pretty much on my own here, all my friends told me I was a fool for dismissing it. But I didn’t like Hannah’s quippy lines, Jessa’s blithe arrogance, Marnie’s perfectionism, or that Carrie Bradshaw-worshiping wet blanket Shoshanna.

But as the season progressed and the trees shed their leaves, she was the character that started to stand out as the most interesting.

Losing her virginity, working out for the first time that even nice guys aren’t nice, and standing up to strong characters made her endearing, infuriating and, in a show obsessed with “realness,” believable.

Anyway, Shoshanna’s had time to aerate and mature, and now we’ve hit S2 of Girls, this is Shosh’s time to shine.

One episode down and I’m frothing at the mouth with excitement. I don’t just want to watch her, I also want to be a bit more like her. I’ve even straightened my hair to get into character. Here’s why:

1) “Like, I am woman hear me roar”Last season she was a virgin, as she timidly revealed in this scene:

but this season she gets to say things like: "You hurt me, but it's okay I can deal with it because I have my big-girl pants on".

After being “de-flowered, but not de-valued” by sexy jerk Ray, Shoshanna’s developed a sexual confidence, which I cannot wait to see more of. For all of us late developers – here is our icon. Let us worship her.

2) Zosia Mamet is crazy-good at acting and really smartLena Dunham nearly wrote out Shoshanna after the pilot, but ZM was so brilliant she kept the character in the show. Also, when you look at the publicity around the show, and shoots the Girls actresses have done, Zosia’s kept it proper cool.

While Jemima Kirke got her norks out for Vice (which I kind of dug, FYI) and Lena Dunham’s been picking up Golden Globes right, left and centre, Zosia’s made really interesting calls with what press she’s done.

She may not be on the front of Company magazine like co-star Allison Williams, but her recent shoot and interview for London’s ES Magazine was high-fash, looks-wise, and pretty high-brow, chat-wise.

ZM talks about her passionate love of books and finding her feet in a tricky industry, which makes her all the more relatable. Oh, and you actually believe that she loves books and has read Moby Dick and isn’t going on a pseud-ish Megan Fox-esque tangent about Aztecs and The Flood or something.

3) She’s totally clean-cutAs you all know, Girls is about young women experimenting, whether it’s with sleeping with hot-but-complicated men (Hannah), sleeping with gay men (Marnie), or, um, marriage (Jessa).

While Shosh may have lost her “V” plates and taken crack cocaine by mistake, she is a little more seasoned, but is still innocent enough to see the best in people. Her total naivete last season made her lovable-but-irritating, and we’re just starting to see a new side emerge, without her compromising her integrity. Go, Shoshanna!

4) She wears Mary-Janes and silly little hats.In Season Two, Shosh has developed a personal style that’s a little less preppy than the headbands and poker-straight hair of season one. A little.

She’s now all about ice-cream, pastel shades, Mary-Jane shoes and funny little hats in an “I’m kind of channeling Jackie O because she was totally classy and strong as well as super-chic” kind of way that I can totally get on board with.

This is all part of Shosh’s new “big-girl pants” attitude, that teams smart decision making and determination with really sparkly accessories.

5) She’s (still) not a hipsterThe Jewish princess characters are always my total favourites (see: Cher Horowitz and Rachel Green), and while Shosh may have shed a few inhibitions and pulled up her big-girl pants, she still isn’t 100 per cent comfortable with the slouchy Williamsburg hipster lifestyle.

This is a lady who doesn’t want to wear distressed 501s and share a flat with mice, thanks all the same, she wants to brush her hair and wear fluffy slippers indoors.

Shoshanna has hipster friends but doesn’t feel the need to copy them. She is true to herself and her background, which makes me love her profoundly.

6) Her attitude to dating blows my mind:

7) I cannot stop talking like herThe, like way-she-says-everything, blurring-all-her-words-together? And-finishing-her-sentences-with-a-question-mark? It is more addictive than crack. I think.

I mean, I imagine it’s more addictive than crack. Probably.

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