The Same Five Questions We Always Ask: Erin Andrews

Sportscastress (a term we invented just for her) extraordinaire Erin Andrews on cake from supermarkets, trying to squeeze the last everlovin' bit out of a lip-gloss tube, her grade school trouble with the law, and "the year of the Ryans."
Publish date:
February 3, 2012
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Erin Andrews is so impossibly gorgeous that it hardly seems believable that she’s one of the most down-to-earth, whip smart gals in entertainment. Currently a contributor to "Good Morning America" and co-host of "College GameDay" on ESPN, she’s got an impressive resume to match her Southern charms -- and she does a wicked Tom Cruise impression when no one is looking.

In the middle of moving into a new apartment, she took time to chat with us about hot Ryans, sheet cake, cops who harass third graders, and not taking crap from strangers online.

What’s the grossest thing in your purse? Wait, do you even carry a purse?

Erin: Yeah, I totally do. The grossest thing in my purse is this lip gloss that’s really old that I’m trying to squeeze to get the last bit out. It’s kind of exploded in my purse too, so it’s gunky. But I love it and I’m too lazy to go get new one because I don’t know where I’ll find it.

What kind of lip-gloss is it?

Erin: I think it’s maybe Tarte or something from NARS. Yeah, I think it’s NARS. It’s one of those jelly ones. I don’t know what it’s called; it’s so bad that I don’t know that. And I’ve like, rolled it up so many times to just try and get the last bit out because I love it. I can wear it on camera or off.

What pills do you take every day?

Erin: I definitely take a vitamin every day. I try to be good about that. And then I always end up taking a Claritin or a Sudafed. Growing up in Florida with the grass and everything, you just develop these nasty allergies.

Who’s on your celebs to make out with list?

Erin: I think it’s the year of the Ryan. I mean, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, take your pick. They’re both just ridiculous.

What’s the weirdest thing you do when you’re alone?

Erin: I’m always dancing around. I think gliding in my socks is my favorite thing to do, and I know at some point I’m going to bust it. It’s like I can never just walk to a room. I’m always sliding. What is that, like Tom Cruise in "Risky Business"?

Yeah, it is. I feel like everyone should have one personal indulgence though. Do you have a particular beauty ritual or snack that’s your go-to?

Erin: I just love cake. I love yellow cake with chocolate frosting. I’m obsessed with it. Living in the South, we have the grocery store Publix, and they always put out single pieces, and it’s perfect. I live near a Whole Foods here in New York -- I just moved in -- and I went to look for some last night and they didn’t have it. I was a little sad about it.

I love Whole Foods, but they just don’t have the cake stuff down at all. I grew up in the Midwest, and sometimes I just want a brick of supermarket sheet cake.

Erin: Exactly!

What’s the closest you’ve ever come to being arrested?

Erin: This is probably not a proud moment in my life, but in third grade, I was at a birthday party. It was in the park, and you know, it was fun birthday party where we had squirt guns and water balloons, and you just get crazy and silly. The picnic area had a shed, and we took the shaving cream and silly string that we were spraying on each other and we started writing our initials and the names of the boys we liked in the third and fourth grade.

I think the park management got really upset about it -- and I mean, it was a supervised birthday party. There were parents there. But they [the park management] tried to teach us a lesson and called the cops to come give us a talking to. We were all crying because they called it vandalism even though it was just shaving cream and silly string. I was so sure I was getting arrested and that my parents were going to be so upset with me. It scared the heck out of us.

That’s really cruel! You were so young!

Erin: Yeah, it was mean.

Speaking of people who are mean, I really like that you call people out on Twitter when they say nasty shit to you.

Erin: [laughs] I don’t mean to call them out, but I think it’s so funny that they think when you don’t have a spare moment that you just don’t read it.

You know, what’s so funny to me about the Internet is that people think they’re so funny and they think, Ooh I’ll talk about her. And the second that you say anything back -- like if they say, “You have a really big nose,” or “Her voice is so annoying,” I’ll be like, “Yeah, that stinks,” or “My nose is my grandfather’s” or “Then change the channel.” Then right away, people will write back, “Oh my gosh, I’m just kidding! Love you girl! Xoxo.” I just think, You’re so stupid.