The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask: Juliette Lewis

Juliette is so crushable that when we asked you guys what you wanted us to ask her, you demanded to know what the woman smelled like. Answer within.
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December 13, 2011
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When we found out we were getting to interview Juliette Lewis, it caused a bit of a stir around here. She's just one of those women you can't help but be fascinated by -- quirky, funny, sexy and a little scary. I mean, have you seen "Natural Born Killers"?

In fact, Juliette is so crushable that when we asked you guys what you wanted us to ask her, you demanded to know what the woman smelled like! Well, I didn't get close enough to sniff her, but she did tell me over the phone what scent she prefers, as well as her obsession for making dog videos and what it's like working with the hot guys on her new show "The Firm," which premieres January 8th.

Let's go!

Juliette: I love random questions.

Oh, good. I have some. What pills do you take everyday?

Juliette: I am a big vitamin lady so I’m going to give a shout-out to my favorite supplement, which is Dr. Price vitamins. You can find them online. They are powdered multivitamins. As a joke, or an aside, because its not really a joke, if I wasn’t an artist, I would be in the healing arts. You know, the arts of nutrition and alternative medicine.

So, lets see, Dr. Price, then calcium and magnesium -- they are both powdered and they taste delicious and it keeps my energy up.

What’s the grossest thing in your purse?

Juliette: I have my writing book that so many things have been spilled on, so it's just dried spaghetti sauce, chai tea latte, etc. on the pages, but it doesn’t smell or anything. So I don’t really have anything. There’s nothing gross in my purse.

I actually travel so much so I just keep my credit cards in my pocket, and then I have a tote bag with my writing books, for songwriting, and I am old school, so I have a CD player. I’m not one of those girls that is attached to their purses.

What is the closest you have ever come to getting arrested?

Juliette: This is a fun story, because I actually was arrested. It's much like "Footloose," because all I wanted to do was dance. I was 15 and I was bored and I went to a club that unbeknownst to me didn’t have its liquor license.

So me and my girlfriend got handcuffed because the cops said, "Anybody who is under the age of 18, raise your hands and we will let you go." They didn’t let us go; they handcuffed us and took us in. It was hilarious to me, because I was always an artist and my parents were a bit individualistic and funny and Bohemian and I knew my mugshot would be a good piece of art.

So, I was joking with the cop, "You think I could get my mugshot?” And I got it and an artist silk-screened it for me and now it's in my living room. But that’s when I got arrested for dancing. It wasn’t like I was consuming drugs and alcohol in this club that didn’t have its liquor license. But it gives me street cred and my mugshot is pretty hilarious.

What’s the weirdest thing you do when you are alone?

Juliette: Lately I have obsessively been doing little videos of my dog. I will talk to my dog and he lays on his back in eternal submission. And I sort of talk in my doggy voice to him and hypnotize him and talk for him in his voice. Like, “No momma, why are rubbing me mom?" You know like, “I don’t want to be filmed, Mom.” Sometimes it is exploitative to my dog, because I say stuff like “Look at his funny little teeth” because they are crooked. My dog doesn’t seem to mind. Like all dogs, he just seems to love attention of any form.

Then he comes to work with me and all the teamsters are like, “Here comes Teddy.” It's not like they are picking me up for work, they are picking my dog up for work. The whole thing is pretty cute. I just moved to Toronto, which is really far from home, so he has become a constant companion.

Who is on your celebrities to make out with list?

Juliette: I don’t have this list. I’m not really attracted to actors. Because I sort of like Herculean guys or really working class guys who have come from a rough city. I like men who can build things. Like my ex-husband was a pro skateboarder and to me he was a superhero. So as far as celebrity guys, there are a few actors who exceed expectations. Like Mark Ruffalo… Actors, we all have a particular creative neuroses and it's not something I would want to be in a relationship with

What’s the most played song on your iTunes?

Juliette: I’m going to say Iggy Pop’s "No Fun." I always go to that song. That’s my good time song. It’ll get the engine revving any time of the day.

Just like a powdered vitamin mix! I shouted out to the readers to see if they had anything they wanted to ask you. And this one just cracked me up: “I have always wanted to know what kind of perfume she wears.” She needs to know!

Juliette: Oh that’s cute, I can answer that. I am really anti-chemicals and perfumes. To me perfume scents usually singe your nose hairs. So I like really natural beachy scents, but they actually do have essential oils that just smell like mango and coconut, so it smells edible and yummy and like a vacation.

Are you addicted to anything?

Juliette: I guess I’m addicted to traveling. I cant stay anywhere for too long. It comes from touring for six years relentlessly. But this is the closest I’ve ever come to a 9 to 5 job on a mainstream television show.

There are some hot guys (Josh Lucas, Callum Keith Rennie) on that show with you!

Juliette: They are so beautiful and funny but I don’t fraternize with my costars. So I joked with Cal and I was like “Hey, since we are never going to be together ever we can be as vulgar and flirtatious as we want,” so we have the funniest rapport. We are half brother-and-sister, half husband-and-wife. We play lovers in the show.

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with me!

Juliette: Wait, those are the five questions? Wasn’t there another one? You didn’t even do your biggest fears or blah blah, like there’s all those questions!

That's them! Did you want to add anything?

Juliette: No.