The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask: John Noble

This man fought Gandalf!!!!
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December 20, 2011
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John Noble's IMDB page reads like the yearbook at of the most popular guy at Dork Academy, (which is a very, very high compliment). You know him from the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and as TWO characters on "Fringe," among a zillion other roles. Or at least you do if you're a monster nerd and do things like yell, "My sons are spent! My line has endedddddd!" after sex.So when we had the opportunity to ask John the Same Five Questions, of course I volunteered and went wayyyyy off the rails, because, come on, he knows Gandalf.

Spoiler: Like all Australians, he is predictably wonderful and awesome, unless that is racist to say. I love that his celebrity crush is his wife. As Cat would say, "Do you die?" Yes! I do.

I also posit that you haven't lived until you've asked Denethor what's in his purse.Down to brass tacks! What's the weirdest thing in your purse?

I'm not emotionally evolved enough to even attempt to answer this.

Correct. Correct answer. What's the most played song on your iTunes?

"Jersey Girl" by Tom Waits.

I love that song -- especially the version that he does with Springsteen. OK. This one is fun: 
Whats the closest you've come to being arrested?

1979. My first big overseas trip. I was corralled by machine-gun-wielding soldiers in Frankfurt and Belfast for breaking some security protocol. Those were troubled times in Europe. It was a steep learning curve. We Aussies are a bit irreverent.

What pills or vitamins do you take every day?

Every bloody thing I can...legally.

Who's your celebrity crush?

Not really a crush, but I am a bit in awe of a few women celebrities. If I had to choose one, it would be Diane Lane. She has real sexuality/sensuality, and is a great actress. I could easily name about six others, but, I still have a crush on my wife Penny.

You obviously have a pretty extensive background in Sci Fi and/or Fantasy. Do you have a favorite genre? Is it more fun to act when it's totally beyond the realm of belief?

I don't find very much beyond the realm of belief. Frankly, I find solace in escaping from the mindless limitations of "reality." In general, I love morality tales with inspiring and hopeful endings. 
Us too. I'm going to speak on behalf of everybody at XOJane when I say we're huge LOTR nerds. I may be projecting. So I have to ask: What's it's like to have a fight with Gandalf?

That dirty Gandalf hit me from behind. I want a re-match.

I AM DYING. Okay, last one. Serious actor-y question. You've played two radically different "versions" of the same guy on "Fringe" as Walter and Walternate. Which side of the coin do you prefer?

Walter has no boundaries, so I am free to invent whatever behavior I want within the confines of the script. That's very rare. Walternate is great, but much more stitched up. They are the Einstein and Dick Cheney in all of us ... or their female equivalents.