The Same 5 Questions We Always Ask: Carrie Brownstein

"Portlandia" star and former Sleater-Kinney member Carrie Brownstein is willing to become a pill-popper with a purse full of garbage to better answer the same 5 questions. But she will not fight the elderly.
Publish date:
January 6, 2012
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What’s the grossest thing in your purse?

Carrie: I’m going to look in there right now. I just carry around air really, I have all these empty bags and there’s nothing left in there. There not enough gross things. It’s ridiculous that I even carry a bag. It just seems like the thing that you are supposed to do. I guess my goal for the next year is to fill up my bag or one of my purses with a lot of gross things. I always thought you put that stuff in the garbage but I guess most women are putting them in their purse.

What’s the weirdest thing you do when you are alone?

Carrie: I actually dance a lot in my house by myself, and I imagine what it would be like to be someone who was social. I don’t really like it when people come over to my house, but I have this ongoing scenario in my head where I’m having a dance party at my house, which I would hate by the way. Always, when I host a party I end up in my bedroom waiting for people to leave. That doesn’t stop me from putting on a record and dancing and imagining how fun it would be to have a party

What pills do you take everyday?

Carrie: I actually don’t take any pills every day, but I do have some Xanax that I will take on occasion and this herbal blend called Sleepwell that I think just has probably Valerian and some other stuff. I don’t take anything everyday. Your question implies that I should be. I’ll talk to my doctors to see if there is something I can take everyday.

And also some gross stuff you can put in your purse.

Carrie: Exactly! I barely qualify as female at this point. I should have a bag of drugs just picking through all the time.

What’s the closest you have every come to being arrested?

Carrie: I am mostly a law-abiding citizen. I would think that if I were to get arrested for anything I could imagine myself getting into a little bit of a fistfight. Like a brawl, a bar brawl. I also just want to say for the record that it’s always inappropriate to hit someone. No violence at all. But maybe I should be taking a kickboxing class or starting some kind of fight club because I do think that I could get arrested for something like that. I sometimes get into fights with people. Like one time, I got into a fight with a guy who hit my car, but he was very old, and I just thought "This should remain verbal." If this gets physical, I’m at fault. He is wearing a leg brace and it just did not seem like a fair fight. I will not fight the elderly but watch out if you’re under 70.

Who is on your celebs to make out with list?

Carrie: Well, I mean sometimes when I watch a Ryan Gosling movie ... but it's so sad to say because the line to make out with Ryan Gosling is so long. I’m probably at the back of it. But he’s always on that list. Almost anyone on "Game of Thrones" that is an adult. Any adult or human in "Game of Thrones" would be fair game. Oh, and Melanie Laurent, I think she’s gorgeous. So yeah, Ryan Gosling, the adult cast of "Game of Thrones," and Melanie Laurent. Or that could be my dance party.

I also asked people on Facebook what they wanted to ask you. Mostly they wanted me to tell you that you are pretty and awesome and amazing. None of which are questions.

Carrie: My mom was nice to get on there and say that.

Here is one question. What is your favorite character to play on Portlandia?

Carrie: Tony, who is the feminist bookstore owner, is my normal answer because she wears really comfortable clothes. She has anger right beneath the surface, but she can also find a really nice Zen place that I should be working toward.

Aside from Tony I actually like Cath; she is all over the second season. But in the first season she’s one half of the couple in the sketch where a dog is tied up outside the restaurant. Cath is the woman I don’t want to become, but sometimes when I leave the house I feel I like I’m halfway there. I don’t know how it happens, but I can see that I could potentially be wearing outdoor gear. You kind of can't help it in Portland; it just kind of sneaks in. I feel like clothes might actually turn to fleece in Oregon. I feel like you buy something here and you think its cashmere, and then you open your closet door and its magically turned into fleece. I swear I have never bought fleece, but it just appeared in my closet. Every once in awhile, I will leave my house and I’ll think , "I don’t know what’s happening to me." So Cath is just a good reminder that I could be this person, but it's better to strive for something a little bit better.

Speaking of that, do you find that you ever get into trouble poking fun at your own community? Are people ever offended?

Carrie: I’m sure there are people that are offended, but most of these people, despite what might seem like outlandish or absurd characteristics, are people whom I relate to and whose personalities I probably possess to a certain extent. Also, I think that I know this world pretty well and I love it. For all of its nuances and silliness, I value it and I love it and I see myself in it and I think for the most part I see it as a love letter to Portland, or Williamsburg or Silverlake or any cities that kind of feel like Portland. Some of the characters to me seem like caricatures they all seem to have a realness to them.

But you know at the same time when you put something out there that is creative, you don’t want it to be so benign that people aren’t a little bit disturbed or made uncomfortable by it. I would rather have something that made people a little uncomfortable. To me that is a more interesting thing to do than to not ruffle any feathers.

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