PLUS: watch me humiliate myself on video! Seriously, I'm the goofiest interviewer ever.
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August 16, 2011
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My favorite comment in this post about how is hiring (I know, I know you guys – it makes my heart skip with excitement and I already friggin’ work here!) are the comments in (duh) the comments section about how dreams can come true -- it’s true, they can!

‘Cause that’s SOOO what happened to me this weekend! Remember how just two weeks ago I wrote about my childhood obsession with "Saved By The Bell" –- particularly with one Mark-Paul Gosselaar, a.k.a. Zack (Zach?) Morris?

WELL. I woke up one morning not too long after that to an email from one of my favorite publicists in the biz, Rachael from Kiehl’s (which is obviously one of my top 3 favorite beauty brands of all time).

The email announced that the Kiehl’s/AMFAR (a wonderful charity that raises money for AIDS research) event/motorcyclist extravagranza LIFERIDE (more on that in a second) I was attending in at the brand’s flagship store the next day was going to have a bunch of celebrity guests.

Amongst them?


Dudes, I almost melted down into a greasy body-oil-and-self-tanner-heavy puddle of joy right there on my dirty-per-usual studio apartment floor. I almost friggin’ DIED. Oh, and then I read that Tiffani-Amber Thiessen was going to be there -- and she was! I didn’t get a chance to interview her, but I did meet her and she was lovely.

Before we get to the video, let me tell you that Kiehl’s is nothing if not only one of THE consistently to-die-for wonderful, coolest and most creative (have you seen any of their artist collaborations? I LOVE) beauty brands that exists in the world -- but also one of the most committed to charity causes.

To raise 100k for AIDS Research, Kiehl’s teamed up with, AMFAR to put together an AWESOME six-day motorcycle cross-country expedition with like a zillion bikers, who roared across the finish line in front of the store on 3rd Avenue in the East Village of Manhattan (the ‘hood I call home as well!).

It was sick! Here’s me with some of the bikers:

Kiehl’s is all about the biker stuff! In fact, I just visited their WILDLY glam spa on the Upper East Side, which just opened last month:

The more lady-friendly treatments take place in the two treatment rooms, one of which is muraled in artwork by glamorama-photog David LaChapelle:

Anyway, the more manly treatments take place in these cool barber chairs that are customized with real motorcycle parts! It’s hot.

And guess what else is hot? THE MARK-PAUL GOSSELAAR 2011 EDITION. I have never met someone so legitimately hunky. The video below is completely humiliating, because you can literally see me squirming with excitement and, I guess, full-blown lust for him (though I wasn’t consciously flirting with him, I swear). You can also see me:

1) reading questions scrawled in ballpoint pen off my forearm

2) tackily scratching myself as though infested thoroughly with scabies

3) also tackily pulling on bra

4) also VERY tackily picking a wedgie

5) ALSO very tackily chewing on a piece of my hair! and flashing my gross orange self-tanner hands (what kind of beauty editor AM I?!) to the camera

6) generally acting a fool!

And so on. You get the idea -- I'm ridic.

There is also a product to go along with this awesome project, Kiehl’s Since 1851 Limited Edition Ultra Face Cream:

Like any Kiehl’s product in your bathroom or boudoir or wherever, you will obviously be obsessed with it and cherish every g-damn drop. It is a super-dewifying moisturizer that plumps up and softens your skin, too. Kiehl’s makes you glow: I just report the facts.

I, too, was glowing thoughout my interview with Mark-Paul. Watch the video -- but here's the transcription since the audio sucks. I'm not exactly working with a camera crew; what can I say:

(me rambling incoherently for a second ... then ...)

CAT: OK! Can I just say that when I was growing up --

MARK-PAUL: (gesturing at my arm) Are those the questions?

C: Yeah! I remember them! OK, when I was growing up -- and I just wrote about this -- that when I was growing up, my entire wall was wallpapered with you! I can't even handle it. You're so hunky it's insane!

M-P: Thanks.

C: Okay! What pills do you take every day, Mark-Paul? Can I call you Mark-Paul?

M-P: Is this recording? Is this going on a website?

C: Yeah!

M-P: OK, cool. Pills that I take every day? Vitamin D.

C: Vitamin B!

M-P: No, D.

C: D! D like, Dreamy, like ... YOU.

M-P: Yeah. D.

C: What's the most played song on your iPod?

M-P: Currently, or of all time? Currently, it's "A Million Years" by Alexander.

C: What is the closest you've ever been to being arrested?

M-P: Um, the first time, it was filming "Saved By The Bell" outside a Special K in Arizona. I had to urinate and I went to the establishment and asked if I could use the restroom and he said no, not even for a paying customer, no. So I went behind a dumpster to go pee and I got popped by a cop.

C: Amazing. Have you ever faked an orgasm? Wooooo!

M-P: Um...yes. With ... myself.

C: Who's on your celebs to make out with list?

M-P: Breckin Meyer. But I might have to go through Ryan Phillipe to get to Breckin Meyer, because Ryan Phillipe is the first guy to kiss Breckin Meyer. And I say guy.

C: Sexy! What's your favorite episode of "Saved By The Bell"? I like the movie theater/mall one. [I am sooo lame, there are so many of these! -C]

M-P: Seriously, I don't remember a lot of them. [...] But I enjoy when fans come up to me and say, "Oh, my favorite moment was such-and-such." I think my favorite moment [...] because it's so ridiculous, it's so far out there, was Becky The Duck. [...] And Running Zack. [...] We [the cast] had the most fun when we got to go on vacation.

C: Like to Hawaii!

M-P: Yeah.

C: OK, your favorite Kiehl's product is the Facial Fuel Lip Balm, right?

M-P: Yeah! The Facial Fuel Lip Balm.

C: OK! Thanks! We love you! I mean, everybody loves you! [awkward trail-off]

And there you have it! What’s YOUR favorite “Saved By The Bell” episode? And what about your favorite Kiehl’s product? And do you think I should never be allowed to do video again? Comments section – GO!