Russell Brand: the hardest part of getting divorced is all the pesky admin

The end of the relationship is always hard, not least because of all of the emotional trauma and…paperwork
Publish date:
June 14, 2012
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Russell Brand: loves sexual charisma, hates admin

Yes that’s right, chief lothario Russell Brand has revealed that the worst thing about splitting with ex Katy Perry was all the pesky admin that comes from divorce.

Talking to ITV, he said: ‘I suppose the divorce is difficult because of the admin. There’s a lot of admin.’

Now, no-one can judge what goes on in other people’s relationships (that’s a total lie actually, I do it all the time), but it does strike me that if all you come out of a divorce with is a total hatred for paperwork, there was probably something not quite right in the first place.

Of course, his admin comment could have been just the sort of glib throwaway line that celebs get hung out to dry for all the time – but that’s not such a good headline, is it?

Now that he’s single, and free from all the filing and form filling, Russell is free to work on his ‘sexual charisma,’ which apparently he has in droves. ‘I’m in tune with some really beautiful things. I don’t want to sound like a lunatic but if you meditate and do yoga you become attuned to a different energy that is constant and very, very beautiful.

‘Some people call it God, some people call it karma or the cosmos but I call it sexual charisma.’

Some people have a different name for it entirely...