Open Thread: I Felt More Angry With Reese Witherspoon's Husband Than I Did With Her After That Arrest Video

Okay, so she said "Do you know who I am?" But her husband really threw her under the bus.
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May 3, 2013
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A few thoughts after watching the epic TMZ video of Reese Witherspoon getting arrested for trying to stop her tipsy agent husband from taking a breathalyzer test.

1. I am feeling that arresting officer. I see a big career for him in bit movie parts -- if he wants it.

2. I dated a guy who once said, "Do you know who I am?" Never a good look, but hey, devil's advocate. She could have been saying that because she didn't want the cop to get involved in some stupid "celeb incident," not necessarily because she felt that she and her husband deserved special treatment for getting a DUI. A stretch, but -- yeah, it's a stretch.

3. She is an American citizen, and she has a right to stand on US soil.

4. When getting told you are obstructing justice? Do not panic and say you are pregnant.

5. Cameras are everywhere now, dude. Life is becoming like an episode of "Revenge."

6. Her husband totally threw her under the bus when he said, "Sorry, I had nothing to do with that."

7. Getting thrown under the bus sucks.

8. Big time.

9. The worst.

10. "99 percent of couple's fights start because someone feels thrown under the bus." -- statistic I just made up.

Do you know why I know this is the worst thing you can do as a couple? Because I've done it before -- that is, absolutely (albeit unintentionally) thrown someone under the bus when dealing with a cop, and it was the most awful fight I've ever had in my life. I didn't have the back of the person I was with, and it's just not cool, man. It's just not cool.

But what do you think? Was him saying this really not that bad? And what did you think of this whole incident, from apology to fabricated pregnancy to TMZ-leaked video?



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