Record Store Day Releases Have Been Announced — Get Excited

Do you "do" Record Store Day?
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March 9, 2016
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Yesterday, whilst slurping on a bowl of delicious ramen, I received a text that made me audibly gasp. My friend Josh had sent me a link to one of the just announced Record Store Day releases, and it immediately filled me with sublime joy and severe anxiety.

It was an alternate version of Tusk, my favorite Fleetwood Mac album (yes, I know what I said; Rumours isn't my favorite) and one of my top ten albums of all time. This explains the joy, but I bet you are wondering about the anxiety. To fully understand the anxiety, you have to understand Record Store Day, a day in April (the 16th this year) where insufferable music nerds all over the country get up way earlier than they should to go pay too much money for limited edition vinyl. It is simultaneously the best and worst day.

You never know if your local store is even going to get the releases you want. For example, only 5000 copies of my precious alternate Tusk are being made, and those are being distributed all across the country to all of the independent record stores participating. Five thousand is actually a good amount for RSD (some are as low as 300), but there's always a chance the store I choose to go to will only have one, and some High Fidelity reject will elbow me out of the way to get it. It doesn't help that I get very ill at ease in large crowds, and can't stand shoving. If Record Store Day was a gun fight, I wouldn't even be a knife, I would be a fingernail file.

Do I have you convinced to go to Record Store Day yet?

It is stressful (for me, well-adjusted people probably do just fine), but the aftermath is worth it. Some of my most prized pieces of vinyl have been acquired on this glorious day, including but not limited to:

But enough about me, let's talk about releases that might interest you. You should most definitely check out the whole list yourself, because it is massive, but I'll try and hit the highlights:

  • alt-J: Live at Red Rocks (2 LP box set)
  • Bee Gees/Faith No More: "I Started a Joke" ( 7" side-by-side, aka "two covers of the same song")
  • Big Star: Complete Columbia: Live at Missouri University (2xLP)
  • David Bowie: Lot's of Bowie this year for obvious reasons, including: The Man Who Sold The World (12" picture disc), TVC15 (7"picture disc), I Dig Everything - The Pye Years (12" EP)
  • CHVRCHES: Every Open Eye Remix EP (12" EP)
  • John Coltrane: The Roulette Sides (10")
  • Deftones: B-sides & Rarities (2xLP)
  • Dr. Who: Genesis of the Daleks (LP, also I must have this)
  • Emmylou Harris: Wrecking Ball Dlx vinyl version (3xLP)
  • Jethro Tull: Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die (LP)
  • Johnny Cash: The Best of the Johnny Cash Show (LP)
  • Mark Mothersbaugh: "Hello, My Good Friend" (12")
  • Notorious B.I.G.: "Mo Money, Mo Problems" (12")
  • ?/?: ? (This is the mystery 7". You never know what it is. One year it was a magenta and orange 7" with two versions of "Sheena is a Punk Rocker Now.")
  • Jay Reatard: Blood Visions 10th Anniversary (LP)
  • Run the Jewels: VRTJ Viewer
  • Regina Spektor: Soviet Kitsch (LP)
  • Talking Heads/Echosmith: "This Must Be The Place" (7")
  • The Weeknd: The Hills Remixes (12")
  • Various Artists: Dogfish Head Brewery Presents: Music To Drink Beer To (LP)
  • Lucinda Williams: Just A Little More Faith And Grace (12")
  • Xiu Xiu: Xiu Xiu Plays the Music of Twin Peaks (LP, also WAT)

I recognize that my music taste is not your music taste, but those were the items that stood out to me. That's not even touching the limited run/regional release stuff, which you should check out (you'll have to scroll down a bit) but be quiet about as they do mean "limited."

So what do you all think? Do you "do" Record Store Day? What are your most prized albums of all time (doesn't have to be vinyl)? Do you also think Tusk is the best Fleetwood Mac Album?

Also I have lost my RSD buddy this year, so let me know if you want to get up too early to elbow men with ponytails out of the way for fetishized items and get brunch after (seriously, hit me up on Twitter or something).