R.I.P. Vagina Jokes, or Why Rebel Wilson's Gag About Lena Dunham Didn't Make Me Laugh

Vagina jokes don't make me laugh anymore. Sorry, Rebel Wilson.
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April 15, 2013
lena dunham, rebel wilson, mtv movie awards

I'm not saying this to be snarky or mean or insulting, but I think I've become immune to vagina jokes.

They don't make me laugh anymore. I don't know when it happened. Or why.

But I'll tell you when I noticed it. During last night's MTV Movie Awards show with host Rebel Wilson when she said this line about Lena Dunham.

Setting up the category for "sexiest beard," Rebel said: "Nominees for that include Ben Affleck for 'Argo,' Daniel Day-Lewis for 'Lincoln' and Lena Dunham’s vagina."

After a few audience members audibly gasped, Wilson responded: "What? It’s been on a lot of faces."

My reaction to both lines? "Meh."

And yes, I feel the same way about the overuse of dick just to say dick jokes, if you were wondering.

Nowadays what makes me laugh tends to involve almost nothing R-rated because a joke that does not involve a dick or a vagina actually SURPRISES me.

I wasn't even offended, honestly. My brain almost read it as simply predictable noise.

It's like when I watch comedic roasts nowadays, I find that the people who make me laugh are often the cleanest of the bunch.

I guess perhaps I should be offended at the question of sexism in such a joke. Is Rebel implying that Lena slept her way into her position?

But what bothers me most of all is just how overused these kinds of jabs are nowadays. And yes -- including by myself, very lazily.

What do you think? Am I alone on this?

Did you laugh at this joke? Do you think Lena was offended? Did you think Rebel did a good job?

My favorite part of the MTV Movie Awards show was when a drunk Aubrey Plaza tried to grab the comedic legend award from Will Ferrell then later tweeted: "thanks for the advice @kanyewest went better than planned! #mtvmovieawards #chrisbosh #thesecret."

But that's just because I like jokes about "The Secret" -- and anything that seems remotely unscripted during awards shows.



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